Everyone I meet—it matters little whether they’re mannered or rude, smart or simple—deepens my sense of interdependence and obligation. And that’s why I can’t wait to get to you in Rome, preaching this wonderful good news of God. — Paul the Apostle in his letter to Christians in Rome


No Going Back


Navigating for our future is impossible.  Only God knows the future.  None of us can know it.  The best we can do is make informed guesses about what’s going to happen.

I begin my 61st year on August 12th.  Never in my life have I known such foreboding and uncertainty.  It borders on fear.  I don’t fall over into fear because of my faith in God, and love for my neighbor.

In the quote from Paul’s letter to the Romans that appears at the top of this blog post the Apostle is explaining what has caused his delay in visiting Rome.  He allows that it is his affection for all the people he meets — be they “mannered, rude, smart or simple.”  He goes further and states that these meetings cause him to feel a deepened sense of interdependence and obligation.  This character trait in Paul would put him in the crazed authoritarian Emperor Nero’s crosshairs.  Paul would die in Rome.  The Biden-like “leader” lopped off his head.

Many of us are spending an increasing amount of our time prepping.  Paulie and I, for example, collaborated this year on the cultivation of a garden that has overflowed with cucumbers for the past couple weeks.  This is prudent.  It can, however, easily become something detached from reality.  We are made for one another.  We are not made for self sufficiency.  Like the Godhead, which is three in one, we are not equipped for isolation.  We are created to build beautifully together.

That’s why we build cities.  We all want to make something beautiful together, beyond our family.  A city is not, however, a family.  A family is a family.  And that is mom, dad and the children down through generations.  Mixing the two ideas is death and corruption to every righteous and true idea it infects.

American ideology and religion are intensely infected right now.  All has merged into one very big and powerful thing called government.  And this terror is wreaking havoc worldwide now.  This profoundly wicked death cult will not last, and it’s power over global humanity sadly (I’m English) signals the death rattle of the English Empire after a nearly two century long run.

The English Empire represents a severely weakened version of European Christendom.  Christendom flowered on the continent.  Less so on the British Isles … hence the modern day reality of Christian Cathedrals still dotting the landscape of the continent.  Cathedral building gave way to Lords and Manors on the Islands.  And eventually the English shipped all their labor — the Scots and Irish — over to the new continent.  The King proved insufficient in power to galvanize the warring protestant sects as they emerged in the reformation.  An aristocracy was created to assist.  Downton Abbey anyone?

America became revolutionary and threw off the power of the King and his aristocrats.  An experiment in civil and religious liberty was established, united in loyalty to a written constitution.  What was purposely left unwritten was the natural definition, presence, practice and unity of religion in the people.  Left with no Pope or King to create unity for the nation America established a weak national government with empowered smaller geographical units called States.  The job of regulating and establishing religion fell to the States.  The people were free to locate in the loosely defined Christian (legally anyway) State that best fit their Christian religious beliefs.

America cannot function as designed anymore because Christianity no longer holds political power that matches her cultural influence — wielded mostly through family life (though this has mostly disappeared at this point as well).

We started with no legal power granted to Christianity at the national level.  The Empire is collapsing because she now employs her vast material power to enforce soul-destroying satanism on the whole planet.  The American family has become the viral cell that is forcing this God-hating hedonism on the whole world using the Empire’s quickly collapsing military.  Our military is, in fact, being emptied of constitutionally-loyal men.  God-hating sociopathic men willing to kill in American cities are replacing them.

Men who loathe the metaphysics, broadmindedness and love, of a thinker like Paul the Apostle who wrote 2000 years ago, and in concluding this blog post I echo here,

“Everyone I meet—it matters little whether they’re mannered or rude, smart or simple—deepens my sense of interdependence and obligation. And that’s why I can’t wait to get to you in Rome, preaching this wonderful good news of God.”



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