Shout out to Steve for emailing me this video clip from “Real America’s Voice.”  This account of J6 is consistent with my sense of what was happening that day.  While I did not walk to the capitol I was present for Trump’s speech in front of the White House.  Dozens of the people in the group that I was with DID WALK down Constitution Avenue that day.  None of them have offered any contradiction to the view presented by Grant Stinchfield in this commentary.  None of them were privy to some secret knowledge about an “Insurrection.”  And I was with a group that totaled over one hundred twenty people from all over America.

You may believe the Lame Stream Media narrative.  If so, shame on you.  This tells me more about your willful ignorance than what actually happened that day.

I’m hearing that the forty thousand hours of public surveillance footage from within the Capitol is going to be put on the internet by the House Speaker.  I’ll be shocked if the Republicans do it.  But that would be the right thing to do.  Why wasn’t this done the day after J6?  We like to brag about how our government buildings belong to “the people.”  If so then the footage on those cameras should be available to the public.  Especially when men and women face years in jail for offending Nancy Pelosi, and scaring the wimp-in-chiefish-who-wants-to-be-president, former VP Mike Pence.

I’m beyond sick of all this insanity.  I feel guilty.  I feel sorry that I haven’t been speaking out more boldly while my nation was taken from me by powerful oligarchs who don’t share my faith in God.  I’m no longer in this fight for me.  I stopped fighting for my life years ago.  I’m fighting for my grandchildren.

I don’t want them to be forced to live in fifteen minute cities, eating bugs and denied the opportunity to travel more than five miles from the walk in closet in which they are forced by government to live.  I’d rather be killed today in a fight to the death with Klaus and his minions than continue pretending that he and Bill aren’t serious.

I’m all in.  And, no … FBI … I’m not angling to be the General in some insurrection against my government.

I’m a Christian who wants peace … but not at all costs.  I want peace for my nation, not global peace.  While I’d love global peace, that’s something God must define.  I’m not capable of thinking in that category.  And neither is the United Nations, the World Economic Forum or the World Health Organization.  It is the misplaced trust we’ve extended to these globalist outfits that has put U.S. in this outrageous and insane mess.

You seriously believe that global annihilation by way of nuclear war is the price we should be willing to pay for ……… Ukraine?  Do you even know where the Ukraine is located?

God help U.S.

If He doesn’t we’re all about to freeze to death in a nuclear winter.



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