I recently deleted all my Big Tech social media accounts. I even deleted many minor social media platforms that I had accumulated over the years. I decided to focus on one social network — GAB. Limited time was a major factor in my decision.  There were many other considerations.  I may choose to write about them in a future post.

I then changed the name on my google account. I opened my msheath04358 google account when the company came blazing onto the internet with their offer of a gig of free storage for email. My name has always accompanied the account designation. I changed my name on google to “Nobody Home.” Privacy was more of a concern in this decision.

On GAB I decided not to use my personal name, Mike Heath. I decided to make my name “Moil” on GAB. Moil means to work hard. It also means turmoil and confusion. The online dictionary provides an example, “The moil of his intimate thoughts.”

And my intimate thoughts are, indeed, a moil these days. I know that I am not alone. As reason itself circles the flusher all men of good will are in a moil, especially in their most intimate thoughts. To NOT BE in a moil right now is to suggest to everyone with whom you enjoy some level of real human contact that you are either possessed by — or under the influence of — demons.

Satan hates light. On January 16, 1921 the pithy British journalist GK Chesterton observed in The Boston Sunday Post, “One of the chief uses of religion is that it makes us remember our coming from darkness, the simple fact that we are created.”  Humanity is in a moil because we have weaponized the idea that we are our own masters.  We’ve decided that we don’t need any sort of God in our lives.  Science is wholly adequate to explain, and fix, everything.

We’ve given governments and their masters more power than humanity ever ceded to religion — or any other institution.  And the global agenda these empowered governments have decided to enact is liberal, or Left wing.  They prefer to call it “progressive.”  Thrown out with the baby, the bathwater and the tub are tradition, history, morality, law, art, music, dance and culture.  We are in the throes right now of destroying language.  We are no longer human.  We are making ourselves into something foreign.  Something that is supremely dark and ugly.  We are possessed … by progress?!

I think not.  We are possessed by a love of secrets.  Give us darkness and we’ll be happy.  The censors promise a world where you’ll never be offended.  We sign up for it when we allow our time and personality to be shaped by Big Tech’s algorithms.

I have no idea what the controllers have in mind for us next other than more of the same thing they’ve been openly promising for the past couple years.  Depopulation, bugs for breakfast, constant surveillance, digital money and global everything.

I’d rather be dead than live in that hell.

Join me in the Moil.  It only makes sense.



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