Steve Martin has fought in the religious and political trenches of Maine for as long as I’ve known him.  And that’s probably nearing four decades now.  While I don’t know a lot about his years prior to my meeting him I’m sure important elements of his courage and patriotism are rooted in generations long gone.

Steve is no stranger to media.  For years he and Jack McCarthy hosted Maine’s most gutsy radio show — The Aroostook Watchmen.  All the “conspiracy theories” they fearlessly discussed are now being proven true.  Even the fact that the Fed’s invented and weaponized the phrase “conspiracy theory” in the years following World War II is getting out.

Having experience in media Steve is uniquely equipped to have penned the following email to his local television news station this week

To WAGM-TV, General Manager
Presque Isle, Maine
Dear Ms. Landeen,
A year or so ago you folks threatened to call the police on me simply because I called and politely asked that your station not characterize the Democrat-controlled false flag events of January 6h, 2021 as “an insurrection.”  The person who answered the phone was also incredibly rude.
Based on the release of the footage of what really happened that day — including clear proof that none of the so-called “insurrectionists” were armed, that the police officer (they claimed was dead at the time) was filmed, still just fine, walking around inside, and that police officers acted as tour guides for some of the protestors (literally walking them around the halls, and even trying to unlock doors for them) — it is clear this was a stage-managed event by Washington insiders to try to paint patriots, Christians and conservatives as violence prone.
You owe me and all of your listeners an apology, and a full recanting of your reporting of this story which was full of blatant errors and propaganda.
I will be watching and listening, as will hundreds of other Mainers with whom I am sharing this email.
Thank you.
Sincerely Yours,
Steve Martin
Amity, Maine
I followed his email with my own missive
I am writing in support of Steve Martin’s request for a public apology by WAGM-TV.
I am a first hand witness to what happened in our nation’s capitol that day.  Love for the country that my parents’ raised me in motivated me to be there that day.  That nation has fallen on hard times.  It may cease to exist very soon, if it hasn’t already.
The hate-filled and deceitful response by national elites to our presence there that day confirmed my conviction that American — indeed Western — institutions do not work for the people any longer.  Western institutions … and I include yours in this judgment … work exclusively for the monied/material interests of Maine, America and the world.  The individual citizen doesn’t matter.
Steve is a good man.  I have known him for decades.  He is a truth teller.  He loves Maine and America more than life itself.  If this honorable patriotism beats in your chest as it does in Steve’s then you will offer the apology he requests.  At the very least you will honor the principle of our First Amendment, which protects religious and political free speech, by giving him time on your air to inform your viewers about what REALLY happened that fateful day in January.
At the very least an editorial from Steve would be in order.
I am not going to hold my breath waiting for a response.  You won’t write Ms. Landeen.  Your pastor or priest would never consider it.  While it would be great if every Christian would write her our failure to step up is not the reason why “the people” are now living in a clown world defined and enforced by our elites.  Global fear and laziness have perched humanity on the threshold of eternal chaos and slavery.  We are experiencing Mass Formation Psychosis forced on us by the pride-filled technocratic cabal that rules over us.
The people cannot fix this.  By definition “the people” are individuals.  They are either served by their betters, or used by them.  We’re living through a period in world history where a supremely powerful ruling class is obviously demon possessed, and totally uninterested in the people.  Members of this ruling class are going to step up and bring justice, or it ain’t going to be brought.  We see glimmers of hope in the acts of men like Tucker Carlson.
As a Christian I know that God is always going someplace good.  He allows evil, He is incapable of doing it.
Justice will be done.  It is only a matter of time — HIS time.
Ms. Landeen, and all of us, must choose who we are going to serve.  Perhaps Ms. Landeen will choose the truth.  Maybe she’ll follow God.  She is in a position where she can perform a righteous act that will touch many souls.
We all must do the next right thing that God shows us to do.
The stakes have never been higher.


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