Political and religious affairs are so closely united that what is taken from the spiritual weakens the loyalty of subjects and the majesty of the government — Leo XIII


Majesty of Government


Twenty two years before the twentieth century began the Roman Catholic Church once again appealed to reason using their program of issuing encyclicals from the Vatican. It wasn’t the first time the Church offered a written response to the “isms” (communism, socialism, fascism, scientism, liberalism, conservativism) that reproduced like rabbits with the invention of the printing press. The Church came under ferocious attack in the West as each individual citizen took up the job of serving as their own Priest.

The Church warned about the peril of socialism and argued that respect for the Roman Catholic Church … Apostolic Christianity … provided the most practical path forward for nations. The Pope wrote, “Since they know that the Church of Christ has such power to ward off the plague of socialism as cannot be found in human laws, in the mandates of magistrates, or in the force of armies, let them restore that Church to the condition and liberty in which she may exert her healing force for the benefit of all society.”

It feels archaic and silly to be taking these thoughts seriously. Why in the world would anyone be interested in the “loyalty of subjects” and the “majesty of government.” It’s painfully obvious now, especially in light of the brutal and banal aesthetic of internet “discourse,” that loyalty and majesty are a relic from the past. When YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are done perverting human socializing the ideas of loyalty and majesty will be extinct. You might say we can hear the Tik Tok of the clock running out on U.S. I feel like our humanity and common sense are like an old person diagnosed with Covid 19 being hooked up to one of Trump’s respirators. Medical science assures U.S. they are trying to save our life, but we all know that what they are really doing is killing U.S.

It was like this in the decades leading up to the brutal slaughter of the Christian Czar’s family in Russia by Jewish Bolsheviks. Their murder resulted in seventy years of communist horror in the now extinct Soviet Union. Alexander Solzhenitsyn didn’t let the people of Russia off the hook. He pronounced their complicity. Russia now mandates the reading of his book, and the government publicly honors the majesty of the Church, and the Christian religion that birthed her.

That’s what’s happening in the modern Eastern half of what used to be known worldwide as Western Civilization. While our Eastern brothers and sisters move toward humanity and common sense we continue to slaughter the innocent. Not one baby murder mill was deemed “non essential” during this recent communist lock down of the world. All the Churches were forced to close.

And the Roman Catholic hierarchy led the way in submitting to the cult-like “science-based” group think mandated by Donald Trump’s reality show persona, with “doctors” Fauci and Birk as props. Instead of putting his twitter account on hold Trump panicked with the best of ‘em. The scientists said jump and the Pope, along with the world’s President, asked “How high?” Soros, Gates and the scientists responded, “Till every last small and medium sized business in the world is bankrupt, and Christianity is no longer baked into the pie.”

I’d like to think that the Church is still capable of serving as a “healing force for the benefit of all society.” I am forced to wonder. The Pope hates borders, walls and nations while his priests and bishops crawl over them to grope altar boys, and one another. The laity, and integrity of the Church, has never been more vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. Cynicism and unbelief, rooted in an unhinged materialistic libertarianism/anarchism, is the rule of the day.

And if you think it’s bad now …

Every day I choose to believe, and pray that, God the Father will bring good out of even this unimaginable evil.



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