An extravagant notion; a whim — Dictionary definition of the word “maggots”

Maggots — The Sequel

I’d like to use the word that rhymes with maggots.  But that would be unwise.  It’s a trigger word that isn’t gay enough for the evanjellyfish soccer moms and their “husbands.”  I’ll leave the unspoken word to your imagination.  You don’t have to try too hard to imagine what it is.  In fact, if you really want to know what it is you could scroll through the columns on this website.  You’ll find it mentioned here numerous times earlier this year.

Donald Trump is going to win in a landslide.  Undeservedly his victory will also sweep many Republicans into office all across America all the way to the bottom of the ticket.  The demoncrats are done.  It’s over.  How do I know?

The FBI visited me yesterday here in Mayberry, USA.  Two Men who should have been in black arrived around noon dressed casually so as not to be overly scary in our womanish culture.  They WERE driving the iconic blackish Suburban.  The overly apologetic chubbier of the two generously granted permission for us to video tape the interrogation while telling us that we couldn’t take a picture of the badge that he flashed in my face.

It seems an anonymous person filled out a form on the FBI website.  They complained about the Christian gospel witness that I have maintained on the internet ever since it was invented.  My preaching triggered anonymous.  I know we’ve defeated the Left because of how chubby opened the explanation for his rude invasion into my busy day.  He acknowledged that they researched the complaint.  He said they found nothing to suggest the complaint was anything but frivolous.  I have to tell you, knowing what I know about the American Federal Government’s powers of surveillance that when I heard those words I knew I was getting a clean bill of health from the Wizard himself.  The curtain was pulled back.  What he said next was music to my ears.  He said that everything they found online was protected by the US CONSTITUTION.  It’s still doing it’s job.  The constitution is the law of the land.

BLM and their thugs (the Democratic Party) are NOT the law of the land … yet.  They’ve lost.  The wildfire has broken out of the internet and it is starting to burn uncontrollably in the real world.  There’s much good work to do yet.  The unhinged and insane Left wing of global Americanism is over.

We all must take off the muzzle and start living RIGHT NOW.  TODAY we must rededicate ourselves to prayer and repentance.  The muzzle wearing is the line in the sand.  The more “science” and the Left double down on forcing the muzzle the more they will help U.S. to overcome.  Their looting, burning, rioting, LGBTing, unhinged censorship and vicious vaccinating has revealed their diabolical nature to the world.  It isn’t even Labor Day and the election is over.

It’s over for me anyway.  Our politics have become so untethered from reality that I’ll be focusing my attention on the good, the true and the beautiful this fall.  I’ll vote.  But that’s all I’m going to do.  The entire political and religious class of our nation disgusts me.  They are despicable and unworthy of our support.  And, yes, I’m talking about YOUR pastor or priest.  If they take a paycheck from a religious or political institution then they are complicit.  Period.  The entire gaggle, especially Donald Trump, needs to get down on their knees and repent for what they’ve allowed to happen on their watch.

Muzzle wearing is now nothing more than virtue signalling.  There is no truth to it whatsoever.  It does nothing except advertise that you are an idiot, a fool.  So please spare me.  Stop it.  Now.  The new normal is going to have nothing to do with 24/7 surveillance, vaccines or microchips.  The new normal is going to build on the insights gained from a couple centuries of freedom enjoyed by the world’s largest and most productive middle class ever.  Those insights are going to nourish a flourishing of humanity the world over.  The fruit of reason has been ripening since creation.  The love and beauty of Christ is rising in the West.

Lucifer is mad.  And He has every right to be.  The road runner is zooming from coyote’s grasp once again.  And I do mean zooming.  Millenials will use zoom to finish the job of taming the internet.  American and Chinese tech monopolies have reached the zenith of their power.  That gurgling you hear is the death rattle of the English Empire.  The expiration date for the atheist, sexually-charged, materialistic ideologies of recent centuries has arrived.  Artists, musicians, philosophers and theologians will now pick up the pieces and lead us to the promised land.

For the sake of my grandchildren I have faith to believe that it is going to be better, truer and more beautiful than anything we’ve known before.  God is going someplace good.  I know it.



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