Maggots consume the rancid flesh of rotting dead things. — Me in my spring 2020 COLUMN entitled Faggots are Maggots World Tour


I guess some people got the impression that I hate “gay” people from the COLUMN mentioned above.  I don’t.  But I do hate what they do just as much as I hate my own sins.  I hate sin.  I hate evil.  I don’t wish harm upon any individual or sovereign nation, unless justice demands it.  I spanked my boys when they were young.  I realize that there are times when delivering pain is the job of a responsible, mature and prudent power.  Fathers are THE power in the home.  The sooner we realize that the better.

Donald Trump is THE power in the United States of America.  No matter what you say about the President’s constitutional constraints the Chief Executive will always be the chief.  Every social group has one.  God is a Father, not a Mother.  Father’s rule.  And if they choose not to rule responsibly then you are witnessing what happens right now.  Our social group called America is so insane now that millions of us are taking seriously the claim that defunding the police is an option.  This is unreason.  It is evil.

It is a sign that we are allowing America to become a rotting dead thing.  The next stage for a corpse is for the maggots to do their job.  It happened to Rome — and many empires, nations, civilizations and families before us.  It can … and will, happen to U.S. unless we repent.

The willful ignorance of millions of Americans regarding the muzzles we use to mask our organ for communication — our mouths — is bewildering to me.  In this age of the internet there is no excuse for believing anything in the Lame Stream Media.  We have granted them such enormous power that they were able to close the WORLD.  They are propagandizing to do it again right now.  The economic costs will be with us for years, if not decades.  Suicide rates are through the roof.  Nobody is dying from some scary weaponized virus.  Death rates are consistent with annual flu deaths.  Nobody seems capable of explaining anything about COVID 19, so I refuse to think about it.  This is raw global power politics, plain and simple.  Humanity is overcoming a flu the same way it has since the beginning of time.  People like Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are doing everything in their power to spread fear, technocratic control/surveillance and make money.

I ain’t buying.  And millions like me feel the same way.

I had to turn the President off yesterday.  He was yammering about this thing like it is a thing.  I’m sick of it.  Why can’t we play baseball?  I want to go to Church without having to deal with the peer pressure from virtue signaling muzzlers.  Help the old people who have symptoms.  Start the low dose of hydroxywhatever and zinc.  It’s five cents a pill and safer than a McDonalds cheeseburger.  I don’t want a new normal at warp speed.  I’m fine with a new normal that can be assimilated by reasoning human beings over time without the manipulation by algorithms and oligarchs who fit better in a science fiction movie than reality.

FedEx disqualified me from wearing their uniform forever.  They did so without one polite and human word.  They did it just like Lenin or Stalin would have in the old Soviet Union.  They even used a useful “good christian” idiot to do the dirtiest work.  I was perp walked half way across their mammoth sorting terminal in Kernersville, North Carolina and interrogated on tape.  My lawyer is sending them a letter demanding a copy of the tape.  It reveals that the corporation hates Christianity.  They will proudly put their logo in sodomy pride parades.  But they won’t allow one of their responsible package delivers to disagree on his own time in an obscure video on the internet.  There is no justice with the Left.  It’s their way or the highway.

That experience with FedEx proved to me that the maggots have already started eating the rancid flesh of the American justice system.  There is no justice in America anymore, especially not for poor people.  All we get … maybe … is their welfare.  I applied for unemployment.  They are promising to consider giving it to me if I fill out an online form once a week.  I just wanted to be a good worker for FedEx.  Never one complaint.  I delivered to homosexuals … I think.  It’s hard to tell in the real world when all you see are driveways and the outside of homes.  Screens seem to be the home for faggotry, not most neighborhoods.  Not one complaint in four years of delivering thousands of packages.

I just want to wake up and realize that what I’m experiencing right now is a nightmare.  I want America to be the land of the free and home of the brave.  I want it to be the nation where citizens can agree to disagree about most things in a civil manner, and where we settle the big disagreements through reason, debate and civil engagement — not rioting, looting and tweeting.  I want all forms of sex outside of marriage to be condemned because it just makes sense.  But even Christianity won’t take that position anymore.  It’s all about finding new words and concepts to excuse sexual sin.  It’s exhausting.

Ideological maggotry and faggotry.  Can we please stop now?  We’ve had enough.  Why haven’t you?



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