Civilization has run on ahead of the soul of man, and is producing faster than he can think and give thanks. — GK Chesterton


Local Propaganda


I just made the mistake of subscribing to my local newspaper’s online poison.  Maybe I’m just cynical, but the first two articles I took the time to read from beginning to end left me feeling somewhat disappointed.

The first was republished from the Los Angeles Times.  No surprise that I would be disappointed by that skewed explanation of Russia’s religion.  The second was an article about a suicided twenty seven year old young lady.  Both actually made me very angry … as I think about it — not disappointed.

Both articles are so obviously written to cause the reader to accept the oligarch globalist narrative that I wonder about my decision to spend twenty bucks for three months access to this propaganda.  After three months, by the way, the cost increases to fifty bucks for three months.  We’ll see how these first three months go.  I can cancel anytime.  Phew.

I decided to spend the money because I want to start blogging about Maine stuff.  I realized that for the past few years I’ve been blogging with more of a national and international perspective.  I want to drill down in Maine, my home.  I’m gambling that paying for local newspaper content will prove helpful.  Before feeding my credit card information into their unquenchable data collection maw I thought about just joining a bunch of local fakebook and twatter groups.  I hate Big Tech so much that I decided to go thoroughly local — the hometown newspaper’s website.

I’ll let you know how it goes right here on my blog.

The Chesterton quote above articulates perfectly my mood having read the two articles linked in the paragraph above.  The information age has created consumption that is fueling the destruction of man’s soul.  I like how Chesterton put it.  We are “producing faster than we can think and give thanks.”

I can’t help but think of the woman who recently had her arm ripped off by the four black teenagers, along with Will Smith’s violent attack on Chris Rock, as I ponder Chesterton’s observation in light of the articles I read on the local newspaper’s website.  Civilization has, indeed, run ahead of the soul of man.

The LA Times article is designed to make the reader sit in judgment of Russia’s Christian religion … of course.  But that is clearly unfair.  I agreed with every point that the Russian Christian leader made about our American “civilization.”  The article would have me conclude that I am mistaken to come to such a conclusion.  But I know that I am not mistaken, notwithstanding all the quoted credentialed “experts.”

The article about the suicided twenty seven year old young lady is written to produce a feeling of sorrow for the teen.  It did no such thing for me.  It just made me super angry at the obscene and entirely unnecessary loss of such a lovely young soul.  She was murdered by the vapid Freudian essence of post modernism.  The most tragic element of her story was the fact that she was introduced to Jesus Christ in an evanjellyfish educational institution early in her life.

She went down hill from there, falling victim to post modernist ideas about human health and flourishing.  I would be terrified if I didn’t understand what is being done to all of us now.  Our souls are empty because we have decided to abandon knowledge of God as Father.  We have replaced Him with Jewish psychology.  This is a pathetic and ineffective substitute … obviously.

Dr. E. Michael Jones observed in his book entitled, “The Jews and Moral Subversion,” “There are no truces in cultural warfare.  The law of cultural life is either occupy your own cultural territory or have it occupied by alien forces.”

So far I’m convinced that the local newspaper is evidence of our culture here in Maine being “occupied by alien forces.”  I pray continued exposure will cause me to change my mind.

I won’t hold my breath.




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