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A hundred years ago America’s foreign policy was guided by a President who described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.”  This policy came to be known by the phrase, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  America’s 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, was the man.  The first decade of the last century was the time.

Here we are one hundred years later and the President is Donald Trump.  His big stick is twitter.  I sometimes wonder about the “exercise of intelligent forethought.”  The continuous blizzard of entertaining reality style boasting makes one wonder about intelligence.  Then I remember that this is serious business.  Donald Trump is no dummy.  He very obviously knows what he is doing.

That’s not to say that I agree with him on every point.  The world is so complicated in this information age that I wouldn’t know where to begin agreeing or disagreeing with him, to tell you the truth.  It’s more about trust.  When it comes to granting authority to the man who will occupy the most powerful office in the world we all must choose between two men.  We get who the demoncrats, or the republicrats, offer up.  Trump is neither, but he is making masterful use of republican infrastructure.  I trust him more than any republican or democrat.

These are not dangerous times.  They feel and seem dangerous because we’ve been spun up for so long we’ve lost touch with reality.  Technology’s gift of mass communication in the twentieth century was used to pump us full of propaganda and fear.  The invention of nuclear weapons and their use on Japan midway through the last century cast a mushroom cloud size shadow on the following decades.  Successful management of that threat by political forces since the last great war has diminished the pall of doom that deeply affected the psychology of the world.

People are tired.  A new day is dawning on loving and whole humans who are pushing their way up through a thick and blackened layer of zombie corpses.  The zombie apocalypse hasn’t happened.  It’s not going to happen.  The shine is off the utopian science-induced fantasies of the materialists and modernists.  They are not going to be allowed to build their global surveillance panopticon.  A passionate yearning for the good, the true and the beautiful is rising.  The glassy thin political veneer of our age is showing a spider web of fractures.  It won’t be long before it shatters completely.

Men are waking up.  Women are figuring out that it ain’t fun to kill their own babies.  Men are deciding that butt sex really is disgusting.  Times they are a changin.

Young people are rejecting porn culture.  They’ve figured out that it was used as a form of political control by men who benefit from weakness in righteous men.  Men like Sheldon Adelson and Tim Cook.  Adelson is a cornservative Jewish casino owner who dominates right wing sensibilities, along with the ferociously libertarian Koch brothers.  Cook is Apple’s sodomite who, like all internet titans, hasn’t met one bit or byte of porn that he couldn’t find a way to serve up globally for free without censorship.  The brilliance in their porn strategy is that they convinced us to believe that it’s use is all the evidence we need that we are free thinkers and in the process of building a truly unique and praise-worthy civilization.  How could we become so dumb?

History is not going to be kind to the twentieth century.  It’s taken us twenty years to put it behind us.  And behind us it now is.  Nationalism and populism will be the foundation for progress and human flourishing in the forthcoming roaring twenties.  Christianity will rise to dominate the religious landscape in the West once again.  And it will not be a religion of porn addicted womanish skinny jean wearing pastors accompanied by homosexual priests and bishops.  Nope, the resilient and confident Christianity of the crusades is rising.  Islam will not conquer the West.  Period.

I am not just hopeful.  I am certain.

Rapture politics is done.  There was never any future in it.  It was always a lie that benefitted the fear mongers.  We’ve got neighborhoods to build and sustain.  We have families to love and nourish.  We are going to make a future that is worth living.  I know it.

Theodore Roosevelt was America’s last Anglo Saxon Chief.  He knew that “It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.” He also acknowledged that, “I am only an average man but, by George, I work harder at it than the average man.”  And lastly we would do well to heed his advice about the reactionaries among us, “The reactionary,” he said “is always willing to take a progressive attitude on any issue that is dead.”

The twentieth century is dead and buried.  Let’s make real progress by solving LGBT & Q issues.  That would be Living Great Bold and Truthful matters rather than the tired pornified Quibbles of the recent past.



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