These political leaders showed more faith and reverence for this model’s skewed projections than they accord to the Four Gospels. — John Horvat II in his article entitled “No One Can Oblige Us to Commit Suicide”

Jezebel Janet Kills is Hiding

Tucker Carlson lives in Maine. He may be “sheltering in place” there. I don’t know. He owns a home in a picturesque mountain village called Bryant Pond, not far from the New Hampshire border. A few nights ago on his popular cable television show, he interviewed the Maine brewery owner named Savage who has spit in Jezebel’s eye. Jezebel, from what I’ve been told, took his liquor license as a consequence. There’s a lot of Scottish blood in Maine. There’s a reason Rome built Hadrian’s wall, and it wasn’t simply because the northern reaches of the Brit- ish Isles were a long way from Rome. The Scots and the Irish are ferocious. I sense the blood rising, hallelujah.

Inspired by today’s pretend priests — the scientists — the world’s politicians shuttered the world a couple months ago. Professor Neil Ferguson’s model, out of Imperial College London, was the inspiration for this power play by the governments of the world. The world was pleased to go along if there was a chance Covid 19 is a manufactured bioweapon designed by Satan to cut a broad swath of death across the planet. Americans also didn’t mind getting a grand deposited into their bank accounts. What’s a trillion bucks here and there.

Alas, Neil’s model was off — way off. Turns out we never should have stopped shaking hands and looking people in the eye. God’s design of nature and human bodies is adequate to the task of destroying covidator. The silver lin- ing of all this is the final end to communism. Jezebel Janet Kills is about to be thrown out the window. According to the Bible the dogs will then lap her remains off the sidewalk, metaphorically speaking of course.

When armed men went to Augusta to make demands of the government in the late eighteen hundreds Joshua Chamberlain met them. The courageous Civil War Colonel and four term Governor of Maine quelled the unrest like a man. He looked the people in the eye and led the state to a resolution of the matter. Jezebel Janet Kills, on the other hand, turned off her cellphone and retreated to her safe zone for counseling.

A thousand Mainers showed up in Augusta yesterday to let off some steam. One man told me he saw women weep- ing with joy on the sidewalk. I’m praying that this protest, and the resultant class action lawsuit on behalf of small businesses in Maine, will be enough to peel the pampered pudgy sweaty fingers of the chattering class off the levers of power. We’ll see.

One thing is for sure, the God-given constitutional rights secured for our generation by our forefathers are dead and buried if we continue to listen to the current sophomoric political and media class. They are not to be trusted. Period.


Just like Catholic Priests need to get back to praying and offering the sacraments, politicians must get back to governing. Just as sex must be removed from the priesthood, money must be removed from the governing equation. America’s political class is designed to serve. We must return to viewing them as public servants, instead of privileged, wise oligarchs.

Regular people without fancy college degrees would do a better job governing than this current crop of “leaders.” People know they have to work to pay bills. Resources are earned, they aren’t given. Money really doesn’t grow on trees, though I have to admit that the insanity of our socialist culture has me wondering. Trump and the Congress sure acted like it grows on trees. They made two trillion bucks appear out of nowhere in a matter of days. How did that even happen?! Where is the money going to come from to pay it back … or maybe it doesn’t need to be paid back … or maybe Mexico will pay it? I don’t get it.

All I know is that the way I was raised makes more sense than the nonsense that passes for governing today. Old wisdom like “You don’t work you don’t eat” makes sense. Scientists using a computer to create a model that says we’re all going to die unless we “shelter at home” doesn’t make any sense.

Look, we’re confused for a reason. The West is Christian, but we won’t admit it. Nothing works in the West if Christianity doesn’t define marriage, for example. Think about it. This idea of giving each individual the power to define not just marriage, but their gender, creates nothing but confusion … anarchy. God defines marriage. God provides your gender when you’re born. Simple.

Communism’s goal is the destruction of the family unit, and all ties to tradition. We’re now living the consequences. If you want more of it than just admit that you are communist. I’m a Christian, and communism is satanic. It is pure evil. We knew that not so long ago. We need to awaken to the fact once again.

If you think socialism and communism are benign, or just another good way of managing a society, then cast a long gaze on Russia, and the nations that tried it on for size, in the twentieth century. Better yet, study China … not the propaganda, the reality. I recommend The Epoch Times as a good starting point.

It’s time to move on. We’ve got families to save and build. We’ve got goodness, truth and beauty in our hearts. Let’s shift our emphasis away from all this insanity and get back to being One Nation Under (the only) God — Je- sus Christ.



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