​I am back in the legislature and I hope you are right about the comeback but today, I am not seeing it from here. — Name Withheld to Protect the Innocent


Jesus is the Comeback Kid


Jesus Christ is the comeback kid. Only one world religion worships a resurrected man who is, was and always will be … God. That religion is, of course, Christianity. An essential ingredient of religion is mystery. Nothing could be more mysterious, or fantastic, than the idea of God sacrificing Himself to forgive an individual human being’s sin. But it is true. It is truth. And you are allowed to know it, and believe it. No government pogrom or Freudian sophistry can stop you.

The comment quoted above is from an email I received in response to yesterday’s Shield of Faith COLUMN entitled, “Roe Vs Wade: A Life and Death Drama.” It reminded me of this statement I made in the column, “Blackface actors like the infanticide loving gun hater atop Virginia’s politburo, Northam, are losing their hold on the imagination of Western people.” The comment came from an insider in Maine’s “politburo.” I chuckled because in the twenty years I served as a lobbyist in the Maine State House I felt the same way. I never saw evidence of a Christian comeback there either.

That’s why the Christian Civic League of Maine appealed directly to the people using the referendum. That worked, until it didn’t. The Christian people of Maine would sacrifice to satisfy the rules governing petitioning, and then win in popular voting, only to discover that the ruling class didn’t give a flip what the people think. To their credit the decent Christian volunteers who always made those petition efforts work eventually moved on. They dusted off their feet, and turned their attention to matters closer to home. They didn’t soften their convictions on sodomy one single bit. But their inaction took the pressure off the Christian ruling class of pastors and priests. This relaxation of political muscle just allowed the evil to soak into everything quicker and deeper.

The evil has so permeated American culture and religion that it’s now impossible to keep it out of the house. It continues to bore its way deeper and deeper into our sanctuaries. It is doing this in two ways. Through media and technology. Western entertainment media is being strangled to death by the iron grip of Christ-hating forces. Most of it bone-chillingly boring. Computer and internet technologies are less in thrall to the Christ-hating demons, but there is much about the technology that remains dangerous.

If you read any of my columns you know I remain hopeful in the face of cancel culture and the apparently increasing strength of Leftist globalist powers. In an age of instant information like ours it is easy to find evidence for whatever you choose to believe. I remain hopeful, however, because of Jesus Christ.

My capacity for information and ideas is just as limited as yours, and every other persons. All of us are bounded by space and time. Jesus Christ is not either information or an idea. Jesus Christ is a person who is not bounded by space and time. He is alive forever, as is your soul. Also, He is leading humanity somewhere good. The suffering we endure is full of purpose when you know Him. Your Christian faith reminds you throughout your life that God is always working to bring good out of satan’s evil.

History and events aren’t swinging in a pendulum where good is on one side and evil is on the other. No, Jesus Christ is leading humanity to a good place. And evil is always an interruption, a diversion … a distraction. Evil is the absence of good. It is not a thing in and of itself. It is a subtraction. It always masks the good.

And so it is with the Left wing of Western politics and religion right now. It is weaponized and powerful. And it is supremely evil. No good can come from an ideological movement that has not just courted the evil of baby murder and sodomy for multiple decades. We’re talking now about a movement that has divorced the idea of marriage itself … and managed to convince itself that it is pro-marriage. If that isn’t insane, I have no idea what is.

It’s no wonder that this week’s profound Created Equal video of the recent pathetic womyns march in Washington D.C. unmasked the contorted faces of possessed and willfully ignorant people defending the indefensible. You can view it here. https://www.createdequal.org/womens-march-madness/

The fat lady hasn’t sung. I guess there’s more of them than ever that ARE singing now, to popular acclaim, but the note that brings the end hasn’t been heard yet. The sun will come up this morning and life will continue. It is a pleasant, comfortable and delicious life for more hundreds of millions of people than ever before in recorded human history. Western innovation, ideology and hard work played no small part in making that happen. And the West worships Jesus Christ, not science.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”



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