And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter. — Isaiah 59:14

I’m Sorry Fred

I see that Glenn Beck is apologizing for not supporting Donald Trump in 2016.  That’s nice.  He should be apologizing to Fred Phelps.  So should Donald Trump.  Fred is the only man in the West who got it when it mattered.  He was willing to stay within his vaunted American First Amendment constitutional right to fight when we could win without risking the loss of the nation.  I’m glad Glenn is starting to wake up.  Mark my words.  If Donald Trump doesn’t start leading us in repentance for our sins then this whole 2020 charade won’t be enough to save U.S. from what’s coming.  Even a week long Christian infomercial, brought to you by the Trump machine within the cowering Republican Party won’t be enough.  It is a stench in God’s nostrils, in fact.

Just like Antifa and BLM Fred went to the streets.  Unlike Antifa and BLM he went with the First Amendment only.  In addition to being a Baptist preacher he was an attorney.  Fred really was a protester, and not a looter or criminal.  He knew how to use the First Amendment as a religious and political weapon for truth without having to rely on the Second Amendment.  He drew so much political blood that the religion that had the power to change things ran shaking in her boots and hid from her responsibility.  Christianity was … and remains to this day … so deeply politicized, compromised, corrupted and hypocritical that it couldn’t see what was happening.  It was mandatory for Christian leaders to publicly condemn Fred.  I never did.  I don’t need to apologize.

Most of you don’t even know who Fred Phelps was.  A few of you will remember when I tell you he was the “God Hates Fags” guy.  Nobody under forty will remember him because the censorship started a long time before the internet cancelled Alex Jones in 2016.  It started in America’s schools before I was born.  The cancel culture has been busy in the land of the free and the home of the brave for a very long time.  Much longer than nearly all of us are willing to admit.

The rotten fruit of this failure to do the mandatory hard work required to maintain a civilization is young men in the streets facing off with AR 15 long guns.  And nearly all of these young men couldn’t even spell second amendment, much less think of using it to defend their right to own and use a gun.  More than a couple bad guys are laying dead in America’s street this week.  The truth is still laying there undefended by anyone with the power to do something to stop this civil war.  The truth is that every American over forty … and I do mean every last American … has failed in his duty to be a good citizen.  I mean YOU.  Especially if you’ve ever held a position of public responsibility.

This happened on our watch.  Donald Trump made his billions by coddling sodomites and lies rooted in his desire to maintain and gain wealth.  You’re not a billionaire.  But you are looking forward to spending that retirement on doing nothing except feeding your ever expanding need for comfort, entertainment and happiness.  You expect to remain gay until you die.  And you know that if it gets too bad Jesus will rapture you out of here cause you’re saved.  You need to add a few more Bible verses to that rapture list that absolved you of responsibility all your life.  You can start with the one from Isaiah quoted above.  Truth is indeed fallen in the streets.  It’s time we do something about that … don’t you think?

Isaiah said, And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.  JUSTICE STANDS FAR AWAY.  EQUITY CANNOT ENTER.  Even an American hero cannot obtain Justice in today’s America.  Seventeen year old Kyle Rittenhouse took his medical bag, AR-15 and second amendment with him to the streets of Kenosha Wisconsin this week.  The police were hiding under the skirts of local and national politicians while America’s young men and women faced off on the dark and violent streets of Kenosha.  Like a thrilling Hollyweird horror movie the rest of us are titillated by the many faceted cellphone videos revealing the truth of what happened before jury selection is even a thing.  Two criminals, one a pedophile, fell in the streets to the well aimed bullets of the boy/man Kyle Rittenhouse.  There’s no doubt he was defending himself.  But that doesn’t matter.

He shouldn’t have been there.  Oh, he had a right to be there, my thoughtful Christian friends are allowing.  But he shouldn’t have been there.  It wasn’t prudent. We lie to ourselves.  What a bunch of weak minded cowards we’ve become.  And all so we can hold on to dollar bills that probably aren’t even going to be worth the happy memories of our wasted lives in a year.

Our good sons are arming themselves, going to the streets and confronting Lucifer’s evil because their parents won’t lift a finger to help.  They are all hiding behind their masks pretending the world will end unless Bill Gates saves them with a needle prick.  How could we have become so insanely stupid?  We elevated evil entities like Barack Obama and Joe Biden into power, that’s how.

We ignored Fred’s warning.  We enjoyed killing our innocent babies before they were born.  Now we get to zoom into the slaughter of our sons and daughters in nearly real time.  It’s better than a movie!  It’s like the Roman Coliseum, only juicier because the bloody slaughter can be delivered to every human on the planet using the internet.  We never have to leave our homes!  Delicious.  Entertaining.  Wonderful.

And we don’t have to risk getting the virus by going outside.  Are you loving the new normal yet?  Just wait until you see what Bill and company really have planned for your family if you like distancing, locking down and masking up.  It’ll make you feel very safe.  I promise.

It’s way past time to repent.  Way.



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