Trump and the Zionists – really? You forgot the white power sign. — A Prominent Jewish Columnist


I’m a Racist!


I opined in the first sentence of yesterday’s Shield of Faith COLUMN, “Donald Trump and the Zionists caused a dust up over the weekend.” I went on to make an argument in favor of Trump’s decision to stand down after killing Soleimani. You can read the entire column by putting this URL in your internet browser address bar,

The column drew the above insult from an acquaintance, not a friend. We’ve met along the way, and agreed about many matters related to family values. I didn’t respond to his email. I’ll do that here.

I’ve written before about my views on my whiteness and power. I’m sure glad this columnist didn’t read the article I wrote and published last spring defending Andrew Anglin’s right to free speech. Anglin’s views on the responsibility of Jewish ideology for the current mess in the world is … shall we say … more black than white. He is ferocious. And he’s in hiding somewhere in the world fearing for his life just like Archbishop Vigano, the Vatican whistleblower.

It is an extremely dangerous world for the few John the Baptist like figures who God has called to speak truth to the Herod’s of our day. For a reason known only to God the world has become much less dangerous militarily for the masses. This is not to say that there are not genocides taking place, and that extreme violence is not being meted out in pockets around the globe. I am saying that World War II was the last legitimate war that mobilized entire populations against one another. Thank God.

A phrase that should never just roll off our tongues, but rather gag us on it’s way past our lips, was memeing all over the place this week. Thanks to a fellow racist, Tucker Carlson, we avoided exalting the meme, World War III. It’s rumored that Trump viewed his program on FoxNews Monday night. I was so shocked by Carlson’s courage that I watched it three times and started to create a Shield of Faith SHORT about it. I was going to call it “Canary in a Coal Mine” and predict that Carlson would soon follow O’Reilly and Beck out the front door of the popular cable news network. That still may happen. But I don’t think so.

The world is changing faster than most people realize. Carlson is the future. Hannity is the recent past. The chattering class that has benefitted so enormously from the leftward intellectual drift in recent centuries in the West is going to have to make up a designation beyond neocon to remain interesting to thinking people. Maybe supercon. I don’t know. How about gaycon or trannycon. Those might work.

So a Jewish columnist gets triggered by my use of the word “Zionism” and responds with an allegation that I’m a racist. Still trying to figure that one out. But I’m not going to try for very long. It isn’t worth the time. We’ve got bigger fish to fry.

I was glad to see Tucker moving on himself to eviscerate Joe Biden’s ridiculous promise this week to immediately invite two million of the world’s poor into America. Biden claimed we’re rich enough to afford it. Carlson pointed out that none of the two million will be housed in Biden’s mansion. Shoot, they won’t live anywhere near him. Nope, they’ll end up in cities like Baltimore which has a higher murder rate than El Salvador … the “poor” country from which many of our immigrants originate. And rich nations don’t have 50 trillion dollars of indebtedness and missing money.

This insanity must stop soon. We need to get back to work. America needs to move into the future making stuff other than porn and useless inane unaffordable and insufferable college degrees. Men and women must choose to be REAL men and women in this new millennium. Feminism is dead and buried. Can we please stop with the wokeness already! It’s more boring than the last three Star Wars movies.

Young people who want adventure are a hundred years late to the party. A century ago G.K. Chesterton wrote, “The act of defending any of the cardinal virtues has today all the exhilaration of a vice.” I learned that thirty years ago. And God has delivered on the promise. He has given me an exhilarating life defending the cardinal virtues. Thank you Jesus.

I’m so glad to see a strong Episcopalian Christian man with roots in Maine stepping on to the front line of the culture war for the West. Keep up the good work Tucker.



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