Enforce the Law Chief Putney — Larry Richardson’s sign in Charlotte NC Yesterday


Hoyle’s Case Dismissed

Paulie and I made our second trip to the Charlotte, North Carolina courthouse yesterday.  The first time we went to support Gunnery Sergeant Alan Hoyle in his dispute with the Charlotte police.  That visit produced this second trip yesterday.  There were a half dozen of us in support of Hoyle the first time.  Yesterday Coach Dave Daubenmire more than doubled the size of supporters.

Hoyle’s crime?  Unlike every pastor and priest in America he confronts sin publicly.  He doesn’t hide in his stained glass fortress hand holding sinners every week with sermonizing bromides to make them comfortable in their Modernist and materialistic sensibilities.  Nope.  Hoyle reliably shows up in public with a huge black Bible lettered with the words “Holy Bible” large enough to be seen from across the street.  In addition to the Bible yesterday he showed up to Court wearing his United States Marine Corp Alphas.  Praise God and pass the ammunition.

We stood at the entrance to the imposing multi-story granite faced edifice.  Appearing like forceful captains on the prow of a ship emerging from a dense fog bank of injustice Coach Dave and Pastor Bill preached loudly to the passers by.  Coach was most colorful and dramatic loudly condemning “men who parade in public proudly displaying their butt cheeks to children.”  For going beyond condemnation to a demand for Justice Alan Hoyle was in court.  The “crime” that put all of us there yesterday was Alan’s demand that Charlotte police enforce public decency laws at a so-called “gay” pride parade last summer.  They arrested him instead.

Etched deep into the granite façade of the courthouse is the appeal, “grant us wisdom and virtue.”  Across the way from it on a different wall appears the promise, “sufficient for high trust.”  Beneath this is carved “John Adams to Abigail Adams.”  Ain’t nothing wise, virtuous or “sufficient for high trust” about sodomy.  Nothing.

We held signs that put the responsibility where it belongs for this grave sodomite injustice against the people of Charlotte — Chief of Police Putney.  I also hold Franklin Graham responsible.  He should have been down there on the street corner of his hometown standing with us.  That is how significant the threat now is from the sexual revolution.  This revolution is on the threshold of destroying Western Civilization.

Lest you think I’m being overly dramatic consider the facts.  On my Shield of Faith LIVE program yesterday morning Dr. Scott Lively revealed that the Communist Soviet Union weaponized the sexual revolution against their mortal enemy, the Western democracies.  They were, of course, most concerned about weakening the United States.

Lively revealed, having done a fifty city speaking tour in the old Soviet Union not that long ago, that the Communists never allowed the sexual revolution to break out there.  They fanned the flames in the West, but doused every spark at home.

There’s a reason you can’t stop watching porn.  It’s because you don’t understand that your desire is the result of psychological warfare against you, perhaps the most effective political campaign in all of human history.  This will surely be proven true if the United States of America collapses from within.  I must sadly admit that this appears unavoidable now.  It will take a miracle of God for this not to happen.

A nation that proves incapable of virtue is not long for this world.  God’s judgment is inevitable.  Our nation uses the most powerful military on the planet to force a usurious and sexually decadent order on the rest of the world.  This cannot be sustained.  Either we respond with repentance to the preachers who condemn sin and call for virtue or our culture dies.  It’s not complicated.  It’s not political.  The only path forward here is spiritual and moral.  How do I know?

Russia and Poland.  Once condemned to economic failure by the rotten fruit of communism they are now ferociously asserting their Christian traditions.  We either reject the equally toxic Western heresy of capitalism in favor of a Christian polis and free market or our break up could be similar to that of the Soviet Union.  I saw a paper a number of years ago authored by Soviet researchers indicating that America would break up into a half dozen or so regions.  Our collapse could actually be more devastating than the Soviet Union’s because our fundamental weakness isn’t economic.  Ours is religious, social and cultural.  We’ve learned our lessons well.  We really do hate one another based on whether or not we grant enough liberty to one another’s genitals.  We’re not just mad over money.  We’re …. lost to the essence of being human.  We’re all about division, revolution, hate and war.  No capacity for love or unity in U.S. anymore.

We bought the lie.  “Diversity is our strength,” they told us.  Well … not so much.  It turns out that a nation, just like an individual, must make a decision about God.  It wasn’t that long ago that we knew that America was a Christian nation.  No longer, of course.  Now we pride ourselves on choosing to be schooled by the ignorant likes of Ilhan Omar and Occasional Cortex.

Alan Hoyle’s case was dropped yesterday.  But he’s not done.  He’s planning to bring a lawsuit against the policemen who decided not to enforce the law that day.  Praise God for the Devil Dogs!



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