There are so many wrecked lives and marriages in the West today. — Me, yesterday


He’ll Be Back

I mentioned my parents’ sixty year long marriage yesterday in my Shield of Faith COLUMN.  Read it here.   
The COLUMN inspired a response from a long time acquaintance in Maine.  It so inspired me I shared it immediately with my wife.  Roger began his email response to me, “Pat and I were within a month of 53 years of marriage when she passed on Sunday at sunrise on July 9, 2017. We went to her parents’ 50th and my parents’ 50th. I am the fourth generation on my father’s side to be married over 50 years. Our sons are around half way and barring accident or illness should make it.”
Roger is a steady and loyal American, especially when it comes to politics and his local Church.  The Left must think of him as a bad penny … he just keeps showing up.  And the Left is everywhere these days.  It is inside of all our institutions, and running every single one of our towns, cities and churches.  Like a devil Left wing ideas possess the hierarchy of the West, for now.  We cannot know what tomorrow holds.
Roger is a steel-backboned American.  He won’t bend.  He continued his email to me, “In 1971, a Navy pilot and chaplain knocked on our door and told Pat that I was missing in action in Vietnam. Our boys, aged two and four were holding her hands. She said, ‘No. You don’t know him. He’ll be back.’ I had told her that. I wasn’t missing. I was just late.”
Arnold Schwarzenegger famously quipped in one of his films, “I’ll be back.”  Civilizations aren’t built by selfish comic book superheroes.  Beautiful, resilient societies are created by strong mothers.  Fathers invest a lifetime in protecting and nurturing his family.  Fathers don’t leave.  Fathers remain loyal to their vows in war.  Their wives know them.  When the government shows up at the door to declare doom faith tells the mother of sons to simply declare the truth, “No, YOU DON’T KNOW HIM.”  Christian fathers never go missing.  They are always “just late.”
When America collapses it will be because the fathers DECIDED to go missing, and remained so.  They shirked their duty, and they decided to just play with their joysticks instead of use them in harmony with their God-given purpose  … if you know what I mean.  Sexual sin is a form of political control.  It is the cheapest and easiest way for an enemy to destroy you over a long period of time.  If they need to win in the short term they must rely on explosive power.  If they have decades at their disposal then destruction of your families and marriages is more effective.
Roger went on in his email to describe his work in Vietnam,  “Sometimes the helicopter just won’t fly any more and you have to put it on the ground in an unplanned destination. Nobody hurt. 556 missions in Vietnam and Cambodia in 13 months. Never lost a crewman and never got wounded, but I did use up some helicopters.”  I wonder if Kobe would be alive today if Roger has been in the drivers seat of his whirligig.
I’m praying that Donald Trump is a Roger.  It appears that America is going to have to be “put down in an unplanned destination” as the post World War II world order finally dissipates like a fog bank before the rising sun of a blazing helo mission morning in the Mekong Delta.  We are going to need many, many men with strong patriot instincts to land this damaged bird with “nobody hurt.”  Our form of government is no different in it’s essence than Roger’s helicopters.  It is a form of government.  There is nothing divine about it.  It is just one among many government forms that societies have used down through the ages.  Ben Franklin answered a query about our government accurately, “It is a Republic, if you can keep it.”
I think we’ve pretty much decided not to keep it.  What follows is anyone’s guess.  I do, however, know that the future society of North America will value first principles like marriage and family.  Drag Queen Story Hours will be the recent past before you know it.  There’s NO FUTURE anywhere near there.  The “values” of Bloomberg and Northam were already tried and found wanting … in the Soviet Union and Venezuela.
Even the communist government run schools in Roger’s hometown of Lee, Maine know it.  They turn to him to inspire the needy.  He writes, “Lee Academy asked me to have lunch in their dining hall on Fridays. My task is to motivate students that are not motivated. Some do not know who their father is, much less a grandfather. Pat had a student who spoke of a relative she called ‘Uncle Daddy’. These kids love to be encouraged. They think of churches as buildings where people get married and have funerals. I’m a quiet, below the radar evangelist. People say I should write a book. Down there in my signature block; OWLS is Old Warriors Living Still.”
Old Warriors Living Still.


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