Is he an insincere opportunist?  (Click on the image to view Nick’s video)

I don’t think so.  Nick Fuentes is a sincere Chicago-based 24 year old who knows that he will never collect social security.  You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to that conclusion given the extreme economic realities of our age.  Nick is not complicated.  He is simply aware of his surroundings.

Boomers are NOT realistic about what is going on around them.


The rise of American power/comfort to the level of global empire following WWII has blinded boomers to what is happening in the world.  They still think that the “reporting” of CNN actually has something to do with what is really happening in the world.  And cornservatives still believe FoxNews.


This week the youthful and imaginative Nick coined a phrase called “Christian Futurism.”  He did so in a political speech in Washington D.C.  I pray it captures the imagination of a majority of the public.  The West desperately needs to reconnect with her Christian past if it hopes to survive into the future.

Christian futurism works for this humble Christian activist. You go Nick!

In closing I made the mistake of going to the online urban dictionary to get a definition of the word “groypers.”  I’ve wondered about it’s meaning for a long time.  According to a groyper is a “crypto-fascist (fascists pretending not to be fascists) usually originating from /pol/, who call in to talk shows with initially innocent-sounding questions and then try to get the host to respond to increasingly aggressive neo-Nazi talking points.” continues alleging, “The goal is not to win debates, but to bewilder the host and spread neo-Nazi ideas to their audience.”

I’ve listened to many hours of Nick online.  I could never have even conjured this definition from his narrative.  This sounds like a definition Charlie Kirk would dredge up from his shallow power-sensitive neo conservative imagination.

Nick calls his followers Groypers.

Count me in.

Christian futurism baby.


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