Christians give thanks that the Son of God came into the world to save humanity.  Jesus Christ inspires us to love one another with hearts full of generosity and grace. — Donald Trump, Christmas, 2019


Gracious and Generous Hearts


A Canadian sat down with a Texan a few days ago.  Rebel Media’s Ezra Levant travelled to Austin, Texas to interview 2020’s Hitler.  The Infowars Studio is in Austin.  As only he can, Levant questioned the founder and leader of the second most censored person/platform in the world.  And Alex Jones shone.  I was proud of him.

As Jones discussed the idea of authenticity, and specifically how the Left used his own persona to destroy him in the eyes of the public, an old awareness rose in me.  I’d been introduced to the idea called “Stockholm Syndrome” a number of years ago.  Jones helped me develop a better understanding of how deeply programmed I had become growing up in the 1970s.  I gained a more profound appreciation for what he has accomplished over the past quarter century.

More than once during the interview the name “Tommy Robinson” was mentioned.  He is still not well known in the United States of America.  Even FauxNews refuses to give full justice to his story.  The British government tried to murder him in prison earlier this year.  His crime?  He fought against Muslim rape gangs in his hometown.  That’s it.  The Queen’s government tried to kill him.

Jones and Levant are among the few journalists on this side of the pond to tell Robinson’s story.  In July my wife, who has only a thousand friends on Fakebook, asked them to pray for Tommy in July.  We were notified two days ago by Fakebook that the post had been removed because Tommy’s a terrorist.  We appealed it.  And I produced a blistering LIVEstream about it that went out on Twitter, Fakebook and YouTube.

Wikipedia’s definition of Stockholm Syndrome, “A condition which causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity.”  The online encyclopedia continues, “These alliances result from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time together, but they are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims.”

All the peoples of the West are hostage to some exotic ideas.  We developed an alliance with our captors.  The intimate times together happened when we were very young.  We were removed from our homes and Churches and placed in God-hating institutions during the most formative hours of our weekdays.  These institutions, known as schools, systematically destroyed our ability to think and believe.  They made us consuming little slaves of their wicked, Godless system.

Jones developed an instant instinct over his twenty five years of broadcasting using the New Media to attack his enemies.  This is natural and human.  I did not have that instinct when I needed it.  It had been propagandized out of me by pop culture and “education.”  I granted good intentions where there were none.  You still see it all the time.  People preface a negative comment with “He’s a great guy.”  Then they go on to offer some milquetoast critique of their beliefs.

In most cases we don’t have enough knowledge of our enemies to grant that they are “good guys.”  We simply don’t know enough about their motives and intentions.  We do this to take the edge off our point.  Republicans are addicted to this tactic right now.  They perceive of themselves as being on the high ground because they are constantly softening their blows by babbling on about everyone’s dignity and worth, and the supreme value of “civil discourse.”  They attempt to cast the demoncrats as devious, mean and unhinged.

That public relations strategy doesn’t work anymore, obviously.  Donald Trump is politically invincible because he speaks his mind.  He isn’t obviously devious, like the entire chattering class of the West.

I spent a couple decades in the media spotlight in Maine.  This was mostly before the internet.  Email was becoming potent, but websites were still not much of a thing.  Fakebook and Google hadn’t even gotten up a head of steam, and Steve Jobs was bouncing from place to place before settling in back at Apple.

My public sin in Maine was standing in precisely the wrong place for too long.  I was winning against the sodomites.  But I didn’t know it … fully.  I sensed it, but the brain fog was still resident inside my skull from being raised in the toxic corporate/government/media controlled culture of the 70s.  For some reason Jones escaped Stockholm Syndrome.  It never affected him.  He always remained pure and manly in the face of blistering attacks from global forces.  Trump isn’t affected by this wicked tool of the propagandists either.  But millions are.

The God-hating globalist Left will make their final play for global power in 2020.  And the result will be the same as with the Soviet Union over two decades ago when another American President stood resolute and spit in the face of God-hatred.  Having dismantled what was left of their weakened economy by forcing them into an arms race they couldn’t afford Reagan went to Berlin and told them to “tear down this wall.”  And they did.

Using the tone and style of millennials everywhere Trump is doing the same thing with his personal insults and stream of consciousness tweets.  The globalist wall that protects the interests of capitalists and sodomites will fall next year.  Praise God … and

Merry Christmas!



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