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The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him. — GK Chesterton


Governor Michael Stuart Heath


My earliest memories are of Maine, even though I spent my childhood in Maryland. My grandfather led Maine’s park service. I adored him. His name was Lawrence Stuart. His father led the public education system in central Maine. His name was H.H. Stuart. His father created the first detailed printed maps of the Pine Tree State as America entered the twentieth century. His name was J.H. Stuart. You might say I’ve got a stake in Maine. I have a patrimony there that I cherish.

My mother, who wants to bury her husband … my father … loves Maine. She is thinking of moving back from Florida. Maine’s current Governor, Jezebel Janet Kills, won’t allow my mother to bury my father in the Augusta cemetery. In her matriarchal haze Governor Kills has shuttered Maine and created an insane set of rules for lock down. She’s got even the revolutionaries so confused that they’re wearing coffee filters on their faces and refusing to shake hands.

When Bill Gate’s covid nonsense got going the jury was out on the toxicity of this version of the flu. Well, the jury is putting in the verdict. The mortality rate is on par with a normal flu season. And that’s if you believe the statistics. Everyone who has died for the past two months has been put down as having died of covid, even if they were eighty years old and confronted by multiple life threatening conditions.

I ain’t EVER going to get the Gates vaccine. I’m not going to cover my gleeful smile with a coffee filter. I am going to shake your hand and look you in the eye. And I’m telling your right now, I’m a candidate for Maine Governor. I’m serious as a heart attack, and that’s what the chattering class in Maine would have if I ever moved my family into the Blaine House.

It may happen. When I led the state to the popular rejection of “gay” rights in 1998 the banner headlines the next day read “Miracle of God” over an image of me. The media was mocking me then. They’ll mock my campaign for Governor. The chattering class is capable of only mockery whenever the subject turns to the God of Christianity. They’ll swoon over every other idea of God … atheism, allah, eastern ideas about gods, paganism … but all they know is hate when it comes to the Father God of Christianity.

Well, all I know is love when it comes to the God of Christianity. I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart. I also love Maine. It’s a constitutional republic. I’d like to think that can continue. We’ll see.


So I’ve got a little less than three years to campaign. I’m sure Governor Kills will want another four years. That can’t be allowed to happen. Here’s what I’m going to do to stop her.

Tell the truth.

I learned three important principles while serving as leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine. These will be front and center in my mind as I campaign. Here they are:

  1. Elect honest and competent public officials.
  2. Encourage all the people of Maine in good citizenship.
  3. Enact good laws and provide for their impartial enforcement.

All Mainers agree on these principles. I will tell the truth all the time. If I don’t know I’ll say so. If I can’t say because it would be wrong to reveal it then I won’t. I won’t lie. I’ve always believed politics is an honorable profession. I became interested in it over three decades ago because I saw government as a place where important issues were sorted out by a society. I still believe that, though I must admit that quite a bit of cynicism filtered into my thinking in recent years. I’m sorry for that.

Government is serious business, now more than ever. I’m not a revolutionary. I am willing to serve the public in Maine because Maine is a childhood dream for me. I love Maine, always have. It is my home.

Jezebel Janet is killing the state. And the partisan politics we’ve all tolerated is no longer adequate to the task of Making Maine Safe Again. As Governor I will Make Maine Safe Again for men, women and especially innocent babies in the womb. Maine will be safe for marriage again. It will be safe for hard work, home and hearth.

We’re all tired. We want towns, villages and neighborhoods that are safe for what is good, true and beautiful. We aren’t going to go around hiding our smiles behind coffee filters and bumping elbows. Nope. We’re going to look one another in the eye and offer a good, firm handshake.

I’m looking you in the eye and telling you that if you vote for me I will serve. Amen.

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