‘Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. — St. Michael Prayer

Fed … Ex

Yesterday was a day to remember.  I called my mother who recently buried her husband (my father) to tell her that I didn’t think dad is very happy with me right now.  I asked her how she was doing.  She reminded me of the fact that yesterday was their 60th wedding anniversary.  I thanked her for providing an example to me, and everyone, of what marriage is about.  It is about common decency, longevity … faithfulness.  Marriage is about love over a lifetime of struggle through a fallen world.

It isn’t about being able to have sex with whatever.  It has NOTHING to do with that.

So I told her dad is disappointed with me for quitting my FedEx job.  After throwing some F bombs on the line where I was sorting my packages for the day’s deliveries I turned in my keys and went home.  Before he died my father told me he approved of my becoming Catholic, and that he thought I should go back to FedEx.  A few weeks ago I decided to follow his advice on FedEx.  Yesterday I met with the Priest for my First Confession since I was baptized in my early teens in a United Methodist Church.  Like I said … yesterday was a day to remember.

As part of my confession I admitted to losing control at FedEx.  The act that inspired my tirade was being presented with a “safety” document that included a little grainy picture of me with a cup or bottle to my lips.  I was told that I could watch the entire 20 second video if I wanted.  The purpose of this surveillance is to help me improve my driving skills.  I didn’t hear that part.  The fuel that powered my anger was already burning and I was headed for orbit.

The contractor who owns the routes I delivered installed the cameras to save money on his insurance.  I’m told whenever the subject comes up with my bosses that the six inch by six inch plastic box with the ominous half inch round camera lens permanently affixed to the center of the windshield is there for my “safety.”

Being shown paperwork out of the blue while engaged in package sorting that shows me taking a drink while driving with the suggestion that I was not driving in a safe manner was too much for me to take.  I HATE the world we are creating.  HATE it.  There … I said it.  I committed a hate crime.

My boss told me that he doesn’t mind the camera because he never does anything that he wants to hide.  Since I object to being subjected to twelve hours of surveillance everyday I guess I do have something to hide.  This is insane.

I don’t want to keep talking about it.  I want to do something about it.  That’s why I got mad and quit.  I’ve never done that before in my life.  I’m normally very much in control of my emotions.  I lived on the front page in Maine for two decades as the spokesman for Maine’s most infamous Christian hate group.  I know how to control my emotions.  That goes without saying.

But I really don’t want to live in the world that CNN, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden envision for me.  They are just fine with the Chinese Communist Party.  I’m not fine with it.  I’m fine with Jesus Christ and his gospel.  They like sodomy.  I hate it.  They think free speech is online videos of sons having sex with their mothers.  I don’t.  They think marriage is whatever the government decides to say it is.  That’s insane.  They think using computer technology to hard wire the government into every nanosecond of our lives is the way to nurture civilization.  No thanks.  And … let us never forget that they think murdering babies is an essential service.

The extremely serious virus that has us all distancing and sheltering is most likely a bioweapon — the deadly consequence of their new world order.  We know it first appeared near the Chinese Communist Party’s biological weapons lab in Wuhan.  China must release to the world all their records from that lab to satisfy the world’s need for justice in this matter.  In the meantime I’m thankful for the promising results from interventions using existing and safe drugs.

This crisis is God’s judgment on U.S. and the world.  It is long overdue.  The world will never be the same.  I’m hopeful.  I see God’s fingerprints all over this.  Our nonsensical and inhuman infatuation with science, society and knowledge is bearing it’s inevitable rotten fruit.  Repentance is the answer.

GK Chesterton was once asked why he became Catholic.  He quipped that he needed to have his sins forgiven.  I confessed my sins to the Priest yesterday.  I’ve been confessing my sins directly to God as a Protestant ever since deepening my commitment to Jesus Christ in my early twenties.  I look forward to continuing my life in partnership with Priests who dedicate themselves to sexual purity … they make a life long commitment to forgo the pleasures of sex because they love Jesus Christ.  When I first sat down with this Priest many months ago I told him his existence proved superheroes really do exist.  They aren’t just in comic books.

I can’t think of a more effective tonic for our souls in these troubled times than holy men dedicated to teaching and living the virtues of the Holy Family.  The cultural, spiritual and moral potency of that reality in our society can’t compare to the force equalization of a gun.  I own them.  I wear one on my belt many days.  But I’d much rather see my children and grandchildren inherit from me a Christian society that is aiming virtue, rather than guns, at one another.

That’s why I’m very proud to say that at 9 AM Easter Sunday I will be confirmed a Catholic along with my youngest son at a private ceremony in my local Christian parish.  Thank you Joseph, Mary and Jesus.






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