Fauci’s Napoleonic Complex

Fauci was selected to be the mass murderer in chief. — Dr. David Martin, PhD.

I led the Christian CIvic League of Maine to make the sodomy fight the institution’s top priority for twenty years.  I helped the ministry leverage significant historical credibility and no money into some dramatic political victories.

Unfortunately those winning elections just glanced off the surface of Maine culture.  Those populist electoral wins were memory holed by the Republicans and the League itself.

God remembers.  We can remember, learn and go on to stop the covid cult.  We have no other choice.  Satan is getting ready to murder all five to eleven year olds on planet earth.

Stopping the sodomy cult is nothing compared to stopping Anthony Fauci.  And make no mistake we will stop him

Men like Dr. David Martin featured in the video above will not be stopped.  I won’t be stopped.  We will save the children.  Period.

Jezebel Janet Kills has always been more interested in making money, gaining power and protecting her political rear end than in actually leading Maine.  How do I know?  She’s Maine’s most powerful defender of baby murder.  Always has been.

Paul Turn LePage isn’t a whole lot better.  Maybe you’ve noticed that he’s a lot prettier today than he was when he first ran.  The women got to him.  He’s now bragging about being the 2.0 version of himself.  He’s kinder and gentler.

We don’t need kinder and gentler anything.  We need to man up.  The women can man up by becoming ladies again.

We are at war folks.  It started two years ago.  It’s still mostly an information war.  But people are dying.  And lots more are going to die if we don’t stop listening to demons like Fauci and start listening to honest men like Dr. David Martin.


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