God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. — Romans 1:28b

Faggotry IS Maggotry

Earlier this year I wrote a COLUMN promising to lead a global “Faggots are Maggots World Tour.”  I knew it wouldn’t happen when I wrote it.  I’m not stupid.  I wrote it because I know it’s true.  Faggots are maggots within a civilization. 

I’m not the first person on earth to make this observation.  Paul the Apostle said basically the same thing a couple thousand years ago.

There’s a deer carcass rotting next to the road near my home.  I noticed yesterday that the maggots are now visible.  The carcass has been laying there for a month or so.  The maggots are now consuming the snout of the deer’s head.  They’re out in the open. Faggotry is way out in the open in the West now. 

The examples are everywhere you turn.  And people still appear to be fine with it.  That’s because our culture and body politic are a corpse. 

The stench of the corruption is obvious to everyone, but nobody with any real power will do anything about it.

Trump is making a feeble billionaire businessman entertainer’s attempt.  But it’s looking like that won’t be enough.  The times demand an honest religious crusader for truth who is willing to sacrifice his life for the nation. 

I don’t get the sense that Trump is that man … but maybe.  We’ll see. In the meantime we whine about not being able to open the indoc centers where the “homosexuals” have free access to our children and grandchildren while the parents are banned. 

We continue to worship baby murder, and long for quicker and cheaper access to technology that secures the right to instant and endless orgasms without the “danger” of pregnancy. 

We stand by as the entire economic and cultural scaffold for small and medium size business in the West is replaced by Amazon, Walmart and Costco. 

We gleefully replace church attendance with the consumption of the latest “christian” rock concert on our screen in the privacy of our home.  And we actually believe that work from home is superior to coming together in a physical place to build real things.

Our very humanity is being consumed by economic, religious, political and cultural maggotry.

By the way, what is it about the word “fag” that so infuriates the english speaking world?  It appears I’ve lost most of my friends over my use of the word.  I’m treated like I’m the new Fred Phelps.  It amazes me how politically correct all of U.S. have become … especially so-called Christian Conservatives. 

It’s our addiction to political correctness that has most empowered our enemies, and brought about the destruction of the “pro family” movement, and now the evangelical church in the West. We never should have adopted their language. 

Over years of debating inside the prescribed “sexual orientation” box I grew to hate it.  Eventually I concluded I was complicit in the destruction of my nation and I started repenting.  I’m still repenting in my soul. 

I know that God has forgiven me.  He continues to reveal to me ways that I can become stronger through taking responsibility for my mistakes and weaknesses.  That’s what makes Christianity so powerful as a religious system.  We are sanctified by our lifetime of virtuous habit formation. 

The corruption of man cuts through every human heart.  We must fight for holiness, and not allow satan, his demons and our flesh to fashion U.S. into a spiritual corpse.

We’ve allowed the faggotry to gain such a deep foothold in our hearts and minds that we are witnessing the consumption of our Christian leadership structures by the maggotry. 

This benefits the global communist great reset more than anything else. 

The Western traditions and formulation of human and political freedom that we all take for granted was birthed in the womb of Europe’s Christendom.  The ideologies that have been waging open and relentless war on Christianity for the past couple centuries stand on the brink of victory.  One ideology in particular appears most threatening and wicked right now … global communism empowered by unhinged “science” and technology.

Make no mistake, if the people of the world don’t stand up together right now to wretch a bone chilling grunt from primeval depths never heard before the dog collar of the wretched technocratic state will be locked securely to humanity’s neck by the globalist trillionaire class. 

This promises to be maggotry taken to a whole new level.

I ain’t gonna be any part of their new normal, great reset, continuous surveillance, annual vaccine, face diapered, socially distanced, God hating homosexual world. How about you?


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