Shout out to my friend Belinda in the Midwest for emailing the link to this video.  The headline left me no choice but to watch it.  I’m half way through it, and the Holy Spirit has already demanded I write a blog post.  So here we go.

The guest, Dennis Behreandt, used a phrase I haven’t heard before — “Post human class.”  The term is part of his attempt to reduce to the english language for descriptive purposes the belief system of the world’s current ruling class.  Another helpful english word here is “transhuman.”  That one is becoming less helpful because of the emerging drag queen connotations that accompany the use of the word “trans.”  Post human class speeds U.S. closer to the truth.  It is simple.  And it isn’t mean.

A few years ago it became obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature that “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” was an outdated idea in the good ole USA.  Unfortunately the boomer majority in the Empire ferociously protect their TV induced coma.  This makes it possible for them to maintain the dormancy of their God-given intelligence quotient.  And their accumulated pension based wealth hasn’t been sufficiently looted to enable our cowardly satanic oligarchs all the psychological war making latitude they require to finish what they’ve started.

Could you please stop being a member of the post human class?  If you haven’t started coming to your own conclusions about yourself, and what is being done to you and your loved ones, then you really need to turn off CNN and stop binge watching British dramas.  Bury your fear of the IRS.  Stop believing that your government cares about you … or the truth.  Nobody who works within medium sized to large private and public (government) institutions cares more for you and the truth than they do for themselves and their paychecks.  You can judge whether a person is human or post human by how much they talk/think about health insurance.

If you’re obsessed about your health then you are post human.  Humans love their neighbor more than they love themselves.  They love God and His laws more than life itself.

The West pioneered a uniquely religious awareness, and probing, of the physical world hundreds of years ago.  The english word for this lawful, and laudable, human enterprise is “science.”  It emerged within Christendom in Europe.

Like demons the post human class has possessed science and created a new religion rooted in the old ideas of utopianism.  Science is delivering their singularity — the merging of man and machine.  Or so they believe.

Post humans know only what they can see, feel, hear and touch.  The only transcendence they know is a drag.  Queens are men for the post human class.  Don’t be insane.

You don’t have to use a computer to continue your post human class existence.  The most deadly weapon in the post human arsenal is still the television, especially for grammie and grampa.

Turn it off and go plant a garden.  Become human again.

I’m going to finish watching the video.  Join me, and share this blog post with a friend.


P.S.  I’m still watching.  It gets better.  Dennis employs the word “evil” as the show moves to it’s conclusion.  This is a most important concept today.  WATCH THE VIDEO!



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