For they preach but do not practice — Matthew 23:3


Dead People’s Bones and Maggots


I’m doubling down on my decision to use the accurate words faggots and maggotry to describe sodomites and sodomy. To be more precise I’m insisting on using accurate terms of derision in a political context to describe sexual orientation theory’s deleterious effects on civilization. The more books, blogs and words we use to “reason” about this subject the worse it gets. That’s because the West is deep into sophistry on all matters sexual. The Greek sophists mastered the art of making plausible but fallacious arguments.

The West’s replacement of worship with idolatry is nearly complete. The maggots that are feeding on what’s left of the goodness, truth and beauty of Western Civilization have created a layer of cultural excrement that is already enriching the young green sprouts that are emerging. A fight with sodomites isn’t even a fight. It is play acting. A fight with Muslims is real and existential.

Guess what. The emerging fight in Europe is between Christianity and Islam. That war is starting to break out in America. It will save us from ourselves. Muhammed is a very poor stand in for the God of the Universe, Jesus Christ. I fight for Jesus Christ. I could care less about conservatives, republicans or democracy. There are millions like me. And many are young.

Jesus Christ is worth dying for. His gospel is also worth killing for — if it means preserving Christian culture for future generations. Why would anyone be willing to die for “freedom” and not for the God of the Universe — Jesus Christ. That makes no sense. It is sophistry.

Acedia is what brought us to this point. Wikipedia says, “Acedia is essentially a flight from the divine that leads to not even caring that one does not care.” The divine is real. All else — even patriotism and constitutionalism —- is a poor imitation.

While in Florida caring for my parents last week I watched a couple episodes of a reality show. I don’t watch any television. When I’m home my consumption of video content is reserved for YouTubes that help me grow closer to Jesus Christ. This particular reality show follows loners in Alaska. The viewer detaches from what is really going on and believes that the loner they are watching is actually on the verge of dying from thirst or starving to death. There’s nothing real about reality television. It is a toxic form of entertainment because it weaponizes the suspension of belief. It is acedia. Wikipedia concludes, “The ultimate expression of this is a despair that ends in suicide.”

Pat Buchanan’s most prescient book is entitled, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” Indeed. America may not survive. Christianity will. The gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ. Islam will lose. It must.

To power up with Jesus reality words like faggots and maggots must be applied to pastors and priests. Jesus reserved his most potent epithets for them — hypocrites and white washed sepulchers. They were so infuriated by his political incorrectness that they had the Romans crucify Him. Read the entire twenty third chapter of Matthew’s gospel if you don’t believe me. Jesus Christ didn’t hold any punches. Jesus Christ was Jewish. He was addressing the leaders of his own religion. In that chapter he took John the Baptist’s prophetic confrontation of Herod to a whole new level, and secured for Himself the perfectly timed crucifixion.

Politicians have gained the upper hand inside Christianity in the West. They spend all their time figuring out how they can feed Christianity’s good fruit into the chomping maw of the West’s all consuming maggots. It’s not going to work. Christianity is so much more than the faggots understand. It is reality itself. It isn’t a show.

If Donald Trump loses in November it will be because he decided to cuddle with faggots and feed the maggots instead of worship the King of the Universe. I’m not feeding the maggots. I’m feeding on the nutrients they left behind. I’m joining with people who want to move into the future building something good, true and beautiful.

I especially don’t have time for the Left’s ugliness, stench and sophistry. There isn’t enough time as it is to just love my parents, wife, sons and grandchildren. Why in the world would I waste even a nanosecond on their idiocy — especially when it dresses in drag in the pulpit?



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