There will be no peaceful change …We cannot free ourselves from the demons by behaving like gentlemen. Simply put the Left, and the real power behind it, is insane and evil and has to be stopped by ANY means. — Bryan O’Driscoll


Day of the Rope

Devon Stack produces YouTubes.  He reviews movies.  I discovered him while delivering for FedEx a couple years ago.  I enjoyed listening to his explanation of plot lines in popular Hollywood movies.  He doesn’t just examine recent films.  In fact, most of the programs I had the honor to acquire on YouTube were about older films.  He explains them with a broad cultural view in mind.  Agree or disagree I find them stimulating and helpful.  I agreed with, and learned from, what I heard.

One year ago he authored and published a work of fiction entitled “Day of the Rope.”  On his webpage he includes this written description of the book, “The Day of the Rope is a fictional tale about what can happen in a country that has rejected its heritage and descended into degeneracy and decadence. A handful of the inhabitants discover the true power behind the ruling class, and the methods they use to remain above the law. Feeling like strangers in the land of their forefathers, Ethan and Wayne navigate the ethical minefield of violent revolution as they try to reclaim their nation from those who have subverted it.”

So he writes about a country that has rejected its heritage and descended into degeneracy and decadence.  Horrors.  Would that look anything like men being praised by “christian” parents for exposing their private parts to very young children in libraries under the guise of being a drag queen?  Is Devon Stack talking about that kind of decadence and degeneracy?  The book doesn’t sound like fiction.  It sounds like America in 2020.

It’s too bad that you’re interested in the book.  It’s possible that you will never be able to make up your own mind after reading it.  Devon dedicated hours, and probably weeks and months of his time, to making the work available as a Kindle, print and audio version on Amazon’s internet properties knowing that censorship was likely.  And now it appears it has happened.  In his latest livestream he is trying to sort it all out.

Amazon has contacted him and told him to delete the book or lose his account.  His most recent report indicates that he’s being given the Indian call center routine.  I’m really pleased he chose to take this course with his work, and that he is talking about it every step of the way.  My hope and prayer is that knowledge of the particulars of big tech censorship will bring about it’s demise.  I’m with Devon Stack in wanting to do all in my power to avoid a violent reaction to the Left’s insanity.  But I must admit that I often feel a sense of doom and inevitability about violence.  My opening quote is from Devon’s website comment section.  Bryan O’Driscoll’s observation is chilling, “Simply put the Left, and the real power behind it, is insane and evil and has to be stopped by ANY means.”

Over three decades ago now I ran into the hate crimes brigade.  It was just starting to organize militantly at the time.  The generals in charge were lawyers.  One was an intelligent and forceful Jewish lawyer named Steven Wessler.  The other was the Attorney General of Maine, Steven Rowe.  I met with Wessler a few times, and with both men once in the Office of the Attorney General.  They dedicated themselves to the task of exposing the ominous underground “hate” that was … in their minds … implicit in Christianity.  They knew that civilization could not continue if Christianity were allowed to condemn sodomy — especially in elementary schools and Kindergartens.

Their fears of Christianity’s historic, traditional and proven moral code respecting marriage and sexuality led them to create tax-funded school youth groups called “Civil Rights Teams.”  Lawyers were deployed from the Office of the Attorney General to establish these in every public school in Maine.  As far as I know they are still operating today.

Weaponizing the word “hate” they infused the ignorant with an animus toward reasonable views on sexuality and family formation by the impressionable youth of Maine.  Their wicked and rotten fruit is fully formed in Maine now thanks to the complicity of the Pastors and Priests, and the hard work of the uniparty forces in politics, the media and academe.

The Left won without a fight.  The best I could do was organize a gaggle of mostly small Evangelical churches and some lay-Catholics.  But even with that paltry force we were able to convince a majority of the state to agree with our common sense arguments in statewide voting more than once.

Let me be clear.  I hate the devil.  I hate demons.  They are real.  And they are in charge of America.  That’s more obvious today than it has ever been.  I will NEVER stop fighting them.  I HATE THEM.  I love Jesus Christ and His moral code.  I love His Church.


And if that’s a hate crime then so be it.



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