Anyone who thinks there is a need to construct complex conspiracy theories to explain what is happening is … mistaken. — John Horvat

Covidator 19

It now appears inevitable that covidmania will consume the world as we know it.  John Horvat opens his column entitled “Who Needs Conspiracy Theories When Progressives Openly Describe the Post-Corona World?” observing, “Anyone who thinks that the coronavirus crisis represented a truce in the raging culture war is very mistaken. The war is only going to accelerate.”

Bill Gates has planned for this day.  Thanks to the internet everyone knows it.  And thankfully the gloss that is being putting on his prescience is not the one desired by the lame stream media.  No, Microsoft’s virus prone Bill is not going to come out of this with a shiny sheen.  Neither is Fauci or scarf lady.  Technocracy and science, in fact, have finally met their match.  It seems that progressives haven’t progressed as far as they imagined.  They are about to get evolved into a more survival of the fittest position.  Their knowledge, networking and arrogance are no match for reality.

People are sick of them … the globalist communist know-it-alls.  If Trump doesn’t fire the scarfing schoolmarm and fudging Fauci then he’ll be a one term President.  The people of the world aren’t going to be happy with the global over-reaction to the CCP virus.  They are going to demand that their toilet paper be made in their own nations.  They’re not going to live happily ever after wondering if their toiletries are controlled by communists half way around the world.

Serious change is in the wind instead of microscopic red spikey balls aimed at the cells in your lungs.  The distancing that’s coming won’t be social.  Political change like we’ve never imagined is right around the corner.  We are not going to become Bill’s slaves, voluntarily putting our souls in the technocratic yoke he and his communist population control planners have been constructing for us over the past five or six decades.  They’ve been allowed to get this far — and this is way too far — but they will not be allowed to go any further.

My soul is parched.  I long for goodness, truth and beauty.  I’m starving.  If it weren’t for the intellectually and spiritually stimulating content I’m able to access on YouTube I’m not sure what I’d do with my mind.  It is so gratifying to listen to honest voices unfiltered by corporate greed, identity politics and diabolical ignorance.  The Christ-hatred or Christophobia, if you will, is suffocating.

Shame on the Church for ignoring the internet, and allowing it to become satan’s preferred distribution channel for pornography of all kinds.  The most virulent form is feminist.  Injected into the internet’s lust food is an especially contagious strain of egalitarianism which is literally draining the testosterone out of the world.  Thank God for men like Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Vladimir Putin.  They are flawed people, as are we all.  But at least they are men, and proud of it.

But the most potent males on the planet are the holy Christian men — the ones dedicated to subsuming their sexual desires under their love for God.  The West needs them now more than ever.  They are the anecdote to the sexual revolution, which was an especially shameful period of psychological warfare.  It is more precise to say that Christianity’s doctrine and dogma on human sexuality is the anecdote. 

Roman Catholic men who dedicate themselves to Jesus Christ in a dramatically pure manner are uniquely equipped to help us morally right now.  And they want to help all of us, not just Catholics.  Jesus Christ requires that of them.  They exist to benefit everyone in the world.  They’re call is not just to Catholics, just as the Mass — and the prayers of all Christians — are not just for Christians.  God delivers His grace to the world through faithful witnesses to the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His Church is inexorable.

Our current crop of weak, compromised and wicked leadership will be swept away like everything in the path of Lake Mead’s purifying water were Hoover Dam to burst.  Nothing remains.  On the spiritual ground cleared of modernist and post modernist detritus God’s seeds of love, goodness, truth and beauty will take root.  I know it.

It is God the Father’s time now.  He is allowing this cleansing flood to overwhelm us.  It is for our good.  He is just.  He is bringing an end to the wickedness of baby killing, sodomy and usury.  He is calling us on to love through repentance.

Arnold’s famous Terminator was a machine made to appear human.  Covid 19 is God the Father’s Covidator —  His judgment made to appear as a virus.  God is in the business of bringing good out of evil.






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