Ninety percent of bar patrons pay with a credit card. Just work with the establishment owners and make a deal! — Paul LePage, former and aspiring Governor of Maine

Contact Tracing


Lots of phrases and words are becoming common place in our new normal. Social distancing is one example. Another phrase that is starting to emerge is “contact tracing.” In a recent thirty minute interview on YouTube with Laurie Steele, former Maine Governor Paul LePage said he doesn’t have a problem with contact tracing. He quickly qualified his affirmation saying, “I don’t like it.” He then talked about learning from his experience as a bartender that ninety percent of patrons pay with a credit card. He said the government should “make a deal” with bar owners to do contact tracing using the credit card information if the need arises.

Wow. The former Governor gained and managed power as a conservative Republican. He was in power for eight years. He is being taken seriously by political insiders as the most capable of unseating Jezebel Janet Kills, who is expected to run for re-election.

Later in the interview the bartending Governor brags about using Lysol to disinfect his plane seat when he flew from Florida to Maine recently. He donned his mask without complaint, and happily kept his distance from the scary humans nearby.

I was surprised to hear Governor LePage buying in so fully to the global political narrative associated with this flu strain. I’m also disappointed in Donald Trump. I get that these men must take politics seriously. They are politicians after all. But surely they can find ways to elevate common sense over the vain imaginings of Bill Gates, the WHO, the Chinese Communist Party and small men like Anthony Fauci.

Tens of millions of people around the planet ARE NOT going to take Gate’s poison — the vaccine. More people are getting “woke” in a shorter period of time about how unhinged from reality science and financial capital are than ever before in human history. The internet, which was part of their plan as a surveillance weapon, is being wrested from their control. People who want goodness, truth and beauty more than they want absolute dependence on technology and government are finding one another. They are loving one another enough to reason together across ideological, religious and national borders. And they are discovering that they love their families, their languages and their cultures, more than they love their iphone, their porn and their free stuff.

LePage scares me in this interview. He appears drunk on power, to tell you the truth. The idea that governments would “cut deals” with bar owners to gain access to specific private details about drink purchases is terrifying.

Has conservative Paul LePage caught the fear virus too? He is so afraid of this flu — which is surprising only with respect to how few are dying — that he wants the government to have the power to access personal details associated with the purchase of a margarita? Tell me it isn’t so.

The world’s reaction to this virus is revealing a hell of a lot about U.S. We’ve reduced the word hell to a catch word in a throw away descriptor. Christian civilization believed, not so very long ago, that hell is the place where people who reject God get their wish … forever. They get to live with themselves, and their passions, forever. C.S. Lewis describes hell brilliantly in his little book, “The Great Divorce,” as an infinitely expanding universe of isolated individuals surrounded by the things they decided to “love” during their life on earth. God merely gives them what they lusted after their entire life — eternity alone without Him.

Those who chose Him get to live with Him forever. That’s called heaven.

Christianity used to restrain government in the West. The religion assured that government didn’t become the only institution with power in the society. The Christian doctrine of subsidiarity described and empowered an infinity of individuals and institutions. It honors the idea that all power that can realistically be sustained locally must be maintained locally. Societies must maintain rules and protections that produce this result.

Who’d of thunk? This idea emerges from within the musty irrelevant hyper authoritarian phenomenally violent collective mind of Christianity. Could progress across the spectrum of human disciplines emerge in a Christian civilization? Oh, wait, it already happened. Much of the world we inhabit in the West exists because of the influence of Christianity over the past two millennia.

What does Pelosi’s progressive brigade offer by contrast? Let’s see now. Love for all races but our own; continual baby murder paid for by the government; guiltless sex with anything that moves; no more marriage; constant fear of everything that breaths, barks, talks and coughs; and government as family.

I don’t know about you but I’m ready to wake up from this hyper ideological nightmare I’ve been living in since I was born in America fifty eight years ago. I know we can’t go backward in time but I’d sure prefer the old normal, as we move into the future, to anything resembling the Fauci, Gates, Soros new normal.



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