Even though Christianity Today voiced all kind of left-wing criticism against Trump, there is one point where the left-wing magazine did not voice a single criticism against Trump: Homosexuality. It was the only issue where Christianity Today exempted Trump.  I was not so lucky. — Brazilian blogger Julio Severo

Christianity YESTERDAY

When I deepened my commitment to Jesus Christ before departing my teens I soon discovered a magazine called “Christianity Today.”  It’s the public relations arm of serious-minded evangelicals, or at least that’s how it fancies itself.  The rag needs a new name.  It’s dedication to the dead ideologies of the not-so-distant past make it “Christianity Yesterday,” not “Christianity Today.”  The world is slowly pivoting away from the sappy globalism that inspires their readers.

I stopped reading it decades ago.  I got bored with it.  It’s ideas never showed up in the right places.  I should say that I kept hearing about it’s work from all the wrong people.  I remember when Tom Minnery, Focus on the Family’s political guru, turned his back on them in favor of the warrior Christian of my generation, James Dobson.  That’s all ancient history now.  Minnery was complicit in the dismantling of my work and ministry in Maine over a decade ago.

The experience of Brazilian blogger Julio Severo with Christianity Today is instructive.  I know Severo personally.  He is a dedicated and articulate opponent of sodomyism in two languages — Portugese and English.  He blogs on the subject relentlessly.  

Consider this pathetic commentary penned by the Brazilian version of Christianity Today, “Severo is one of those quixotic evangelicals, willing to fight windmills that maybe only he can see. In his words, even the Brazilian government would be interested in asking for his deportation because of the criticism of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. ‘The president makes an uncompromising defense of homosexuality and abortion. How much is left for us to consider Lula and his administration as possessed? It is destroying the morality and honesty of society,’ he says. The histrionic tone gives Julio Severo’s profile an incendiary outline that he makes a point of feeding, not just when he speaks of homosexuality. He defends, for example, the right of evangelical parents to homeschool their children (a practice prohibited by Brazilian law) as a way of keeping them safe from the school’s allegedly harmful influences.”

Trump gets a pass from the so-called Christian magazine on sodomy while it singles out the issue in Severo’s case as evidence of his “histrionic tone,” “incendiary outline” and “quixotic” nature.  An obvious fact now about the Left is it’s unreasonable fixation on sodomy and sodomites.  Christianity Today’s recent faux pas about Trump that drew excoriating criticism from the magazine’s founding dynasty is evidence of their mental collapse into nonsense.

There’s one thing you can now count on when it comes to the chattering class of the West.  If at all possible they will find a way to tolerate sodomy.  It is the signature issue of our age.

It is such a critical global issue that not one, but two, U.S. Ambassadors held an event at the Disunited Nations one week before Christmas entitled, “Decriminalizing Homosexuality in Solidarity with LGBTQ People.”  The Christian Post pointed out that the statement about the event noted “President Trump’s commitment to the effort to legalize homosexuality worldwide.”  America’s ambassador to Germany, an out and proud sodomite, headlined the event.  He bragged about ongoing American taxpayer efforts to “decriminalize homosexuality in at least 69 countries.”

History is not going to be kind to our age.  This sort of thing is beyond words, it is so diabolical and wicked.  If there is one tradition on earth that sodomites should be honoring due to it’s forbearance it is Christianity.  Instead they choose the most ubiquitous global holiday of the ancient faith to rub everyone’s nose in their sin.  Does their arrogance know no limit?  They have failed in their decades long effort to shoehorn sodomy into Christianity … but they won’t stop.  Must things devolve into violence before they decide to take their disgusting practices and notions back into the blackened closet corners from which they emerged?

Christianity Today is done.  Put a fork in it.  America’s goose is cooked also, unless Trump gets serious about delivering on his populist promises.  The natives are restless.  It’s way past time to get serious about ending the attack on family, Christianity, Europe and common sense.  Pray that 2020 doesn’t open with violence in Richmond, Virginia.

The Left has poked the silent sleeping bear in America one too many times.

God help U.S.



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