If Democratic leaders didn’t make it repeatedly clear how much they despise this country the Republican Party would be dead by now. — Tucker Carlson, yesterday on FoxNews



Body Blows for Truth

Last night Tucker Carlson asked on his popular FoxNews show, “Why is the GOP ignoring the American Family?”  He pointed out that for the past thirty years the GOP has worked for the interests of their donors at the expense of the family values they talk about only to get re-elected.  The situation is no better today than it has been for my entire lifetime.

Carlson interviewed a talking head from an outfit called “American Conservative.”  He said a lot of pretty good stuff.  But he was boring as hell … kinda like the local CBS news coverage of the Texas church shooter.  I had to take a quick injection of Nick Fuentes to restart my imagination after watching the clip.

The CBS news clip about the wacko Texas shooter was pretty meaningless, outside the comment by the volunteer Church security guy who “stopped evil” when he killed the murderer with one shot.  The CBS newsbabe couldn’t stop herself from hinting that the shooting was society’s fault for not restricting access to guns.  Rather than scratch beneath the surface of the “mental illness” designation for the shooter she pivoted instantly to the need to blame the gun.  Boring.

I want to know whether the shooter was addicted to porn or drugs.  What was he into?  What was he thinking and why?  I don’t care about the shotgun he was carrying.  I want to know what set of ideas was percolating in his deranged skull nanoseconds before he filled those two virtuous church-going Christian men (one of them was an Eagle Scout with seven grandchildren) full of buckshot.  The news story quickly passed over his divorce and pumped the “mental illness” diagnosis.  Not helpful.

At least I got to see a picture of the shooter numerous times in the short propaganda segment.  That’s because he had white skin.  If he’d been Mexican or black we wouldn’t even have that tidbit of evidence to chew on.

Back on Tucker’s interview with Mr. Cornservative … guess what never came up in the interview as a reason the American family is being ignored?  You guessed it — sexuality.  Politicians ignore the family, and always viciously undermine Christian values, because they love their sins more than the truth.  The chattering class is more interested in managing the power they acquire after elections than in keeping the promises they made during the campaign.  Corporations and special interest groups are master manipulators.  They manipulate the mobs during the elections, and the popular few in between.

Carlson himself is a manipulator.  He tip toes around the sodomy issue, like everyone else on FoxNews.  The American Family is mostly gone now because the chattering class in religion and politics won’t deal honestly with sex.  The priests and pastors are addicted to porn and homosex.  They won’t call out that sin because it reminds them of their personal guilt.  They spend vast amounts of mental and spiritual energy developing mechanisms to excuse or avoid the condemnation of sex outside the bonds of marriage.  And NO, NO, NO it isn’t possible for anybody other than one man and one woman to form a marriage … for God’s sake.  Can we please stop with the confusing Marxist thinking already!?

The quickest and easiest change we could make to shore up the American family is to abolish the idea of “no fault divorce.”  Put the power and RESPONSIBILITY in marriage where it is naturally — with the father.  Stop with the feminism.  Women are the ones hurt the most by this nonsense.  It isn’t working for the government to play daddy to a nation full of snowflakes.  The blizzard is burying all that is good, true and beautiful.  This is especially true in the colleges and universities.  Most of them operate more like brothels now.  They are institutions of lower learning.

How can parents and grandparents be so stupid?  And it costs so much money!

Guys like Carlson keep us stupid.  He’s better than most, I’ll admit.  But the inauthentic massaged talking head approach to entertainment is losing it’s appeal in this age of instant information online.  That’s a very good thing.  Very good.

The world’s most potent enemy is the controlled media.  God help the visionaries and technologists who are working overtime to destroy the powerbase for this propaganda machine.  Look for 2020 to land more body blows on that culture.  God willing these weak-minded, boring, money-grubbing institutions will continue to lose power and influence to the truth tellers everywhere.

Happy New Year.


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