“Tolerating a wrong attitude toward another person causes you to follow the spirit of the devil, no matter how saintly you are.” ― Oswald Chambers


Are Maggots Really as Evil as Faggots?


While it is fine for politicians to discuss in serious tones whether it is right or wrong for children to be coached into transgenderism by our schools it is an unspeakable evil to refer to homosexuals as faggots in a political and religious polemic.  I know because I’ve lost the right to anything material from our current American system for doing so.

I was unceremoniously fired from a less than minimum wage job with a major American corporation.  The FBI visited my home and accused me of plotting violence against that corporation.  If you are interested you can learn all about it in the columns and videos that are published on this website.

All that is old news.

As part of my Christian sanctification God has invited me to consider why I chose to use the term faggot knowing what it might cost me.  I am not stupid.  I knew I was risking condemnation, even from close friends.  I didn’t use the word because I wanted to become the contemporary version of the infamous Fred Phelps in the public’s mind.  He’s the now deceased Baptist minister who made the phrase, “God Hates Fags” into a political slogan through street activism years ago.

The phrase is accurate, if you believe God will send all unrepentant sinners to hell.  He is going to do that according to all orthodox versions of Christianity of which I am aware.  Is it hateful for God to send people to hell?  If it is I suppose that may make God a hater.  The post modern nicey nice Jesusy mind has no category for that idea.  It is, therefore, a forbidden notion.

While Phelps was accurate it probably wasn’t wise for him to proudly display street signs saying that at military funerals.

And it probably wasn’t wise for me to use the word faggot in my narrative.  I was unduly influenced in my thinking about the issue by my own guilt.  This influenced me to view the potential rejection as justified.  Emotions and psychology are complicated for all of us.

Since being exposed to pornography during puberty I have wrestled with lust.  Jesus Christ said, “I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  This wrestling match with the devil has featured victories and defeats over the years.  I’m thankful beyond words for the fact that God’s grace in my life kept me from going beyond looking lustfully at images.

Dr. E. Michael Jones observed in his book Libido Dominandi:  Sexual Liberation and Political Control, “The only way to deal with guilt among those who refuse to repent is the palliation that comes from social activism. Involvement in social movements like the civil-rights, abortion-rights, and gay-rights movements became a way of calming troubled consciences.”

The reason these issues continue to rise in value to politicians, and those who have power, is because they benefit from our weakened morals.  Having killed God and the Church our only savior now is the government, and private corporations, who control and employ us.  Without their distracting words, decisions and actions all of us would descend into the satanic abyss that every human on planet earth is now confronted with by the tactics of globalist technocrats.

The battle that is informed by Hegel’s cunning of reason is all we have left.  The accumulated guilt for sexual sin in the West has brought us to the point of seriously considering turning the earth into a cinder using nuclear weapons.  If we don’t do that most of us have signed up for the new world order technocracy where we’ll get regular jabs, we won’t own anything … and we’ll be happy.

I asked the question in my headline, “Are maggots really as evil as faggots?”  Being animals maggots cannot sin.  Faggots, on the other hand, are always redeemable humans who can reject sin, turn from their wicked ways and love God and one another.  They are no different from me or you.

Sin cuts through every human heart.

My polemic is indefensible to the extent that it suggests any person is beyond redemption.  I regret that my political work may suggest this.  I will work harder to make it clear that I love homosexuals, and all sinners, so much that I am willing to be personally condemned for proclaiming God’s truth about sexual sin.

I prefer martyrdom to consenting to any aspect of the so called “gay” agenda.


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