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God Hates Fags — Fred Phelps


Am I Allowed to Have an Opinion?


You’ll notice that my website is named “Michael” It isn’t called “Helping Hands” I take full responsibility for my words and actions. I don’t need to hide behind a corporation. I’m willing to be liable for my ministry, and for what I believe. Personally liable. I don’t need to divide the responsibility among many board members. What you see is what you get. I believe what I write and say. I don’t get sued because I don’t have anything. I don’t even have a pension or a retirement account. So sue me.

And even if I were rich I should be willing to lose it all for the truth. Discovering and possessing that pearl of great price — Jesus Christ — is worth investing and risking everything to find. Good Christians work overtime now to choose words that won’t offend … anybody. This is driving us into a toxic silence about things that matter. We must stop living this way or we are going to continue our descent into madness.

I believe that sodomy is gross and disgusting. The idea of forcing it on innocent children is unspeakable evil. Strong enough words don’t exist in any language on earth to accurately describe this wickedness. My use of the words faggot and maggot are a feeble attempt to be accurate about how I feel about this threat. The more time I spend with my very young grandchildren who don’t have any choice but to grow up in this increasingly disgusting and wicked culture the more ferocious I become.

Christians are ordered by their commander in chief, Jesus Christ, to occupy until He returns. Christianity gives us clear guidelines … rules … for living. We know what marriage is. We know what fornication and adultery are. We know what an innocent childhood looks like. We know what it means to love our neighbor, and our family members. We can define and pursue virtue. WE KNOW WHAT THESE THINGS ARE! We choose to ignore them. We choose weakness over strength. We choose hate over love. We choose division over unity. We choose fear.

None of this knowledge includes in any way the idea that sodomy can be tolerated. The opposite, in fact, is true. It must not be tolerated if we are going to build a Christian civilization. If we don’t create a culture capable of ridiculing and mocking evil then we are building something ephemeral, threatening and weak.

The whole point of contemporary media, news and entertainment is to distract us from these truths. We can create a Just and peaceful society! We can love one another without having to include sex in the thought. We can build a strong and unified nation. We CAN! Why won’t we?

We won’t because it is more important to appear loving and tolerant than it is to actually be these things. We create this appearance by contrasting ourselves with others who are “worse” than us. Fred Phelps is gone now. He was a lawyer and pastor out west. He coined the phrase “God Hates Fags.” He also protested the use of America’s military all over the world to achieve the objectives of empire. He wanted to leave the rest of the world alone, and end the LGBTQ madness at home.

I never met Fred. I guarantee you that he was ninety percent a creation of the Lame Stream Media and ten percent the real person who God created and loved. I always believed he was more right than wrong. The Religious Left in Maine used the fabricated media image of Fred to embarrass and weaken me politically. I didn’t care then, and I could care less now.

Faggots are maggots. Faggotry is maggotry. Faggotry is moral maggotry. This unspeakable wickedness is all these things and so much less. The only thing Christians can do to help sinners is tell them the truth while living it themselves. Sex outside of marriage destroys and dismantles goodness, truth and beauty. We know that.

We don’t stop doing it because we are living and believing lies. We believe the lies because nobody will tell the truth. We go on pretending that political wrangling and salacious entertainment are just the way the world works. We think we can’t do anything to change it when there is nothing easier in this world than turning the switch to off and taking long moments to look into the eyes of a child, or an hour to enjoy a hand of cards or an evening to sit around and reminisce about the virtues of our ancestors.

I’m way too negative … always complaining about evils that are pressing in on every side. This is precisely what satan wants. He wants us to be obsessed by his threats and machinations when the best thing we could do most times is ignore him and his nonsense.

I do ignore him a lot, I have to admit. I need to do it more. Typing out the phrase “Faggots are Maggots” seems to help for some reason. I think these accurate English words tap into a fundamental spiritual need of our age. There’s a deep angst abroad in the land. Goodness, truth and beauty … art …. love, creativity … prayer … spiritual fellowship will overcome it.


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