One road leads home and a thousand roads lead into the wilderness. – C.S. Lewis


A Thousand Roads


I have always struggled with the idea of being a human on the internet. 

My attraction to technology started with my earliest memories.  The most powerful influence was Gene Roddenberry’s Godless, but nevertheless hopeful, vision for the future.  His most famous dramatization of that vision is the television series, Star Trek.  I spent far too much time as a child in front of a television screen.  And my delight was leaving this earth in the starship Enterprise.

Television, Hollywood movies and rock and roll music remain the most emotive brainwashing weapons in the Left’s manipulation of my personality.  I am praying my way from under their influence, and feel that I’ve chopped out the more substantial roots.  I sometimes wonder if the nubile tendrils can ever be completely removed.

In the unguarded soul modern communications technology can become satan’s miracle grow, making the roots seem strong and permanent.  In every generation it is necessary to prune technology, especially the young and virile branches.  My generation’s fast growing tech was computer hardware and software.  Our failure to tame that spawned the internet.

The so called “social” media layer atop hardware, software and the internet was fertilizer for the devil’s destruction of humanity.

We no longer accept the Christian view of a complex interaction of mind, body and soul/spirit.  Today our body tells us that we are one thing.  But our minds tell us that we are many.  Our minds now tell us that we are infinity itself, and that we must choose at each moment who we are.  We must, in fact, force our bodies to conform to what we think we are, and be willing to take a knife to certain body parts to prove it.

That’s what it now means to be a human.  At least a “good”, or “moral”, one.  Don’t believe me?  Take a few moments to watch this provocative video by “The Crusader Girl.”  I’ll be back below the vid to wrap up.

Hollywood, American corporations and government are united.  They are dedicated to destroying the family.  In order to complete that task they must destroy the Christian religion.  For the most part they still can’t launch a frontal assault on the church.  They’ve spent centuries in the West working through ideology, philosophy … psychology … to weaken and destroy Christianity’s foundation.  In 2020 satan launched the campaign that could finally bring down Western Civilization.  Will he succeed?  Maybe.

America’s collapse would be added to the long list of fallen empires.  I suspect the story about many fallen civilizations aren’t even accessible to our minds because all evidence of their existence is gone — erased by time and nature — forgotten.  Why can’t that happen to ours?  I believe it can.  And I believe it will, unless we repent.

Only one road leads home.  Without God’s forgiveness we are doomed.  And there is only one road to forgiveness, not a thousand.  Satan would like nothing more than to keep you searching for relief from your guilt by travelling down a thousand dead end roads.  Politics is one of the most obvious dead ends.  Entertainment is another.  But the most powerfully distracting dead end road is judging ourselves right and safe in comparison to others.

Boomers have a lot for which to answer.  American and European boomers are the most guilty in all of this.  We believed the utopian spells cast by men like Gene Roddenberry.  Western ideologies were given free reign to weaponize utopian visions and ideologies because of our willful weakness.  We allowed them to put the hook in our noses.  And now satan has given them a rope like the world has never seen before.  The majority continue to allow themselves to be pulled to and fro by that rope.

We must do the hard work of repentance, accepting personal responsibility for our own personal role in allowing pedophiles to rise in power to the point where their “gospel” is forced on the world’s population by our military and government.  Joe Biden didn’t do that.  You and I did that.  Many did so through sins of omission, not commission.

It was sin that enabled it.  My sin.

Your sin.

We must repent over and over and over.  We must withdraw our support for men who refuse to repent.  Most men in charge are now complicit with satan’s plan to destroy humanity.  Some are fully aware of what they are doing.  I still believe most have fooled themselves into believing they are doing good — doing God’s work.

If they support jabbing six month olds, I can assure you of the fact that they are not doing God’s work.  If they think drag queen story hours are innocent and harmless then they are channeling the devil’s ideology.  They may be full on demon possessed.  It has never been easier in all of human history to see the enemy.  We choose not to name him because he is Legion.  But that’s always been the enemy’s name — Legion … many.

Want home as much as I do?




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