I don’t know if I’ll ever watch the third season of the latest iteration of Star Trek Picard.  Some of my earliest hopeful pleasant childhood memories include the adventures of Kirk, Spock and McCoy in far flung galaxies.  The contemporary narrative, however, of the Roddenberry universe has been so corrupted by woke insanity that I stopped watching and supporting years ago.  I don’t have the time.  It’s all so ridiculous and boring.

Apparently, that has changed.  The latest version of Star Trek is not woke, according to Dave Cullen.  His review tempts me to subscribe to Paramount for ten dollars a month.  I’m not going to do it because entertainment isn’t worth that amount of money to me right now.  I’ll wait to learn more about potentially cheaper ways to access this content.

I watched the early episodes of Roddenberry’s Star Trek because his creation captured my youthful imagination.  I continued watching into the movie version of his work.  I lost interest as it transitioned back to television series type content in the past couple of decades.  But the latest television series style creations are offensive to me.  Beyond boring.  Insulting, frankly.

I dared not watch the first two seasons of Picard for fear of destroying a screen worth hundreds of dollars.

I like Cullen.  And I trust him.

It’s just not worth ten bucks a month to me at the moment.





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