Back in my Protestant/Evangelical days I avoided the Jewish and Zionist issue.  Eschatology, and issues related to Israel, always made me feel uncomfortable.  I never spoke out on one side or the other.  I maintained my focus on domestic sexual morality/political issues.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of reading, listening and thinking.  That happens as we get older.  Because we are humans we reason.  And we all want to reason toward Truth.  I’m no different.

Exposure to ideas related to the downward cultural and moral trajectory of the nation and state that I love — Maine, USA — has caused me to conclude that we have a Jewish problem.  And the problem is that we are legally restricted from discussing, or thinking about, Jews and Israel in any sort of critical way.  Just ask Elon Musk.  I believe he sincerely wanted to open Twitter up to free speech about the Jews and Israel.  He was forced to back down by “conservatives” like Ben Shapiro.  The Anti Defamation League targeted Twitter and cost Musk sixty percent of the revenues he needs to make the business profitable.  He was forced to visit Israel, and more recently a Holocaust Hoax site in Europe.

I’m a Christian.  Jesus Christ requires that I love my enemies.  Jews in America are quite obviously my enemies.  I love them enough to tell them the truth.

A Rabbi runs Porn Hub.  Over four hundred Jewish groups support the murder of babies in the womb.  Jews push financial debt and usury wherever they live.  They’ve done so for hundreds of years.  They are primarily responsible for the destruction of the entertainment industry in America.  Christians made a weak effort to save it in the twentieth century.  We surrendered in the mid nineteen sixties.  Now most of the story telling coming out of Hollywood is gay and boring.  Humans naturally want heroic stories that inspire them to become better people.  They are drawn to paragons of virtue, not transgendered race-baiting sexually insane politically obsessed wickedness.

The video below is an informed critique of what we are doing in the Middle East.


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