If I choose to vote in November I’ll vote for Trump.  That’s the only political action of consequence I plan on performing in 2024.  Otherwise I’ll be blogging truth on the internet.

Why would I vote in Chelsea, Maine?  My hometown.  They have a counting machine that is wired into Jerusalem.  Waste of time.  We haven’t had a limited constitutional government for a long time.  Now we don’t even have a simple democracy.  We live in a demon possessed oligarchy.  Especially here in Maine.

Even though I have mostly divorced myself from Maine politics I have friends who remain deeply involved.  They keep me informed.

Trump’s campaign is invisible among Republicans statewide.  This is caucus season, the time when the party cozies up to candidates who they will put up against the demoniac party in the fall.  Trump has no competition for Republican support in Maine.  That explains his invisibility in the caucuses.  This fact also illustrates how modern politics works.  The state party apparatus is a waste of time and money.  Campaigns are won or lost using big money spent wisely on the internet and in the shrinking lame stream media in the run up to the election.  The campaigns will also run expensive get out the vote door knocking campaigns after Labor Day.

Volunteerism is dead in the West.  Smart people get paid to do politics.  Old people still volunteer and whine about the fact that young people don’t.  Young people are smart.  Old people have money and stuff … for now.  Young people know that they have no future so they pay attention to what they can discern as truth online.  This task of discernment is made increasingly difficult due to the rising potency of the Jewish censorship regime that is being forced on humanity.  Thankfully Maine is a long way from Gaza.  Otherwise the genocide would be more obvious and include bombs etc.

All western institutions are manipulated by unseen forces intent on creating their utopia.  To hell with the people of the world.  Most of the world’s humans aren’t fit to serve as slaves to the oligarchs.  The super rich determined scientifically decades ago that they only need a half billion of us around to keep them comfortable.  There’s still over seven billion of us hangers on.  Maybe you’ve noticed the death culture rising.  Hard to ignore since they launched the virus/vaccine crusade a few years ago.

Trump is an oligarch.  But I don’t think he is one of them.  He loves his idea of America.  But he’s still just a politician.  And everyone now knows what that means.  He’s willfully dumb.  Especially about the ideas that matter most.  And those ideas would be the ones that are eternally and essentially true.  We’ve ignored the philosophers and theologians.  They are still around diligently doing their work.

And the truth is more powerful than lies.


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