I’ve got to agree with the host, Pete Santilli, here.  Tucker is not long for the media world he inhabits if he keeps talking like this.  That media world has made him a multi-gazillionaire.  If this interview is to be believed then he’s not interested in protecting that racket.

This is truth.  Absolute.

I deeply identify with Tucker’s comments.  I too feel deeply culpable for helping create the situation we find ourselves in today.  As leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine I caved to often to the psyop that Bush and company were running at the time.

I abandoned the R psyop years ago.  But I still feel guilty.

Tucker admits the same sense of guilt in this interview.

He’s not as old as me.

The fact he is saying this while still cashing the big pharma checks demonstrates either a level of cognitive dissonance, or courage, that is admirable.  His honesty here is powerful.

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