I got an email from Chellie Pingree today.  She included a nasty picture of herself in front of an ICE facility on the border.  She is very concerned about the babies on the border.

This is what she writes about the babies in Maine in that same email, “My statement on far-right Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his egregious record of undermining a woman’s right to make her own health care decisions.”  She has the sentence highlighted so you can click through to read her propaganda.  I’ve purposely left it out.  Don’t waste your time.   We’ll ignore the “far right” description of Kavanaugh for now.  Pingree obviously doesn’t care about life, babies, families, Maine or America.  She’s an angry feminist.  The only thing missing from her angry picture was her vagina hat.

These people are nuts.

If they weren’t “so good” at constituent services (read helping people get stuff from the government for free) they wouldn’t survive politically.  And if people would stop expecting stuff for free we might be able to get things headed in the right direction.

You think I’m being mean?  Nope.  Just telling the truth.

In the next sentence in her email she promises to end something called “lunch shaming.”  She defines that as “the practice of punishing students or taking away their food if their parents haven’t paid.”

Huh.  Lunch shaming.  You gotta love the euphemisms these people create.

My parents taught me a phrase that applies in this case … “You don’t work you don’t eat.”  I’ll bet you didn’t know that this principle has been replaced by campaigning against “lunch shaming.”

Well, now you know.

Help me to continue practice Idiot Shaming.  Our politicians need to be ashamed of themselves.

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