The pace of arrival of illegal immigrants into Maine is increasing.  Jezebel Janet Kills is currently working hard to carve out tens of millions from the covid surplus to fund their ten thousand dollar debit cards.  In recent days these illegal “suffering” refugees have been showing up at public hearings to beg for more.  Left wing sodomite loons like Ethan Strimling are doing everything in the their power to cause native Maine people to feel guilt for not doing enough to house and feed these invaders.  I know personally about a local lifelong 84 year old Maine widow who is being stiffed by her landlord.  He won’t pay to fix the common washing machine in the home in which she resides.  Not so long ago a woman who would happily walk everywhere finds that her age is making it hard for her to traverse the stairs to clean her clothes.  Who cares?  Nobody.  But we’re supposed to drop everything for these invaders from halfway around the planet.


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