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Years ago I would have opined that the Stew Peters analysis below of Biden’s speech is over the top.  No more.  If anything it is too tame.

I am so angry about what the ideologues, communists, capitalists, republicans, democrats and especially Jewish oligarchs are doing to my country that I’d be more satisfied with a short angry screed featuring all swear words than an articulate condemnation like the one offered here by Stew Peters.  America has devolved to such a despicable state that all the people I love literally cannot think about it.  They are starting to run away … from everything and everybody who takes politics seriously.

I have grandchildren.  As I, and they, have matured I’ve become more dedicated to speaking truth to power, not less.

Maine is seriously considering creating an official government group to prosecute “hate crimes.”  Unless something dramatic changes soon I fully expect a prosecution based on my political and religious opinions.  I’ve never retracted any of them.  I only apologized once.  And that was a mistake.


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