I invested my political career in democracy. I lived … and resigned … by the idea that a majority of the people should be empowered to decide political matters. I used the referendum in Maine to force a statewide debate on sodomy. We won for over a decade. Ultimately, the lies of the Left, combined with their riches, won the day.

The Left abuses everything. They have NO principles. They are political maggots, as Pat Condell states in this Youtube video.

Condell is British. He speaks plain truth. I’ve viewed a few of his videos in recent years. He has no use for the current crop of politicians in England.

I have no use for our current crop of politicians in America. They are worse than useless. They’re evil. And the Christian church is doing nothing … absolutely nothing … to help.

That is why I am so thrilled to be going to the streets of Kentucky in a couple weeks. Politicians and pastors have done NOTHING to help end abortion. God is done with them.

He is raising up men like Bobby Lee. This courageous man is organizing a public witness against the legal slaughter of babies. Kentucky has only one Planned Murderhood Mill. After we’re done in a couple weeks — prayerfully — even that one will be closed!


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