My son Jared started a business two years ago.  It is called AlthaTech.

Many of his customers are Christians.  They are using the internet to preach the gospel.  They are on the internet because they cannot afford traditional media channels like radio and television.  These are not people who want to hide.  They are the people that Google’s Eric Schmidt had in mind when he said that people who use the internet shouldn’t expect personal privacy.  These folks use the internet to be who they are … to preach the truth of Jesus Christ.

Ironically, Schmidt’s Google doesn’t want these people around.  He is messing with their Youtube channels, and gmail accounts.  Why is Google good with porn but down on Jesus?

There is no doubt that their censorship is based on their devotion to what Pope John Paul II called the culture of death.  They love abortion and sodomy.  Both realities are killing righteousness and virtue in the West.

Years ago I realized that modern man’s rule about sex is that all of it is good as long as it’s consensual.  You don’t have to think about that for long before you see the danger.

If you doubt what I’m saying visit one of Jared’s customer websites called  I’m watching the Coach do his show live from Indianapolis on the internet as I write this.  He’s showing a video he took yesterday of images of bloody babies.  They are a component of Operation Save America’s Annual gathering.  They target an American city in July of every year.  They have four hundred folks there this week.  They’re preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We are living through an exciting and dynamic period of human history.  The world has never experienced anything like the internet.  As with any invented human technology the internet can be used for good or evil.  “Progressive” forces always embrace new technologies before more traditional forces.  Christians in the West are just now becoming immersed in the internet.  That’s what is stirring the pot so much.  Satan stole the word progressive just like he stole the word “gay.”  Modern progressives are not liberals anymore.  They are satanists.  They love death.  It’s becoming more and more obvious as each day passes.  They used to own the internet.  No longer.

From their high places of power in the government, Google and Facebook they are working overtime to silence Christians who fight against abortion and sodomy.

I am dedicated through my ministry, Helping Hands Ministries, to guarantee that they lose.  My son, Jared, is building a censorship resistant platform for Christians on the internet.  He needs my help.

That is why I stopped delivering packages for FedEx a couple weeks ago.  That’s why I’m in Maine right now.  I’m writing this from Jared’s office.

He is impressive.  I was going to have him teach me how to produce live streaming video shows.  After sitting with him I realized that this would not be prudent.  He needs a younger man in that seat.

God willing I am going to fund a one year internship to help him.  I will write more about this soon.

I don’t have any money.  God doesn’t work through money.  He works through the hearts of His people.

I’ve raised millions of dollars from good Christian people down through the years.  I’ve done it by doing this … by honestly writing my way to the goal.

I’m going to be using this blog for most of my writing.  I’m also going to try to send out a daily email blast.  My prayer is that this effort will be rewarded BY GOD with enough donations to accomplish my goal.  Does God want to move through you?

My fund raising goal is modest.  I must raise $50,000 by the end of the year.  With that I’ll be able to keep the lights on for Paulie and me, and I should be able to increase my assistance to dozens of Christian warriors who are confronting the sodomites and abortion apologists.

My prayer goal for the next week is that God would raise up five people to commit $100 per month.  Donations are tax deductible.  This will replace one week of my FedEx income.  Can you help?  Do you know a Christian who wants to see the internet used to promote righteousness and purity instead of porn?

Click on this donate link.  Scroll to the bottom to find the button.

Donate Today.


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