A couple weeks ago I listened to George Gilder’s book, “Life After Google:  The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy.”  The book deepened my interest in all things “Crypto.”  Steve Martin, a friend in Maine, introduced me to a blockchain-based blogging project called Steemit earlier this year.  I created an account and then set the whole thing aside over the summer.  This past weekend I finally published my introductory post to the platform.  Following is what I published there.

Let’s get this out of the way in my introduction to the Steemit community. I am a Christian. I hate sin. I hate it most in myself. I also hate it generally.

This means that I hate homosexuality. I hate it because it is one expression of sin. It is an especially vile version of sex outside the covenant of marriage.

Why do I bring this up in my introduction?

If you take time to visit my website I think it will become obvious.

In summary, I was ejected from the cockpit of the Christian Civic League of Maine in 2009 for hating homosexuality. Given the emerging embrace of all things sodomy in the West I suspect more people than ever might argue that I hit my head on the canopy on the way out. Nothing else, they would kindly (I’m sure) suggest, can explain my intransigence on this issue.

I served that ministry for over two decades.

I hope to write here notwithstanding my obvious violation of the “hate” policy that I’m sure exists in the Steemit guidelines. I’d rather get downvoted right from the start than find out down the road that Steemit is no more resistant to censorship than Google or Facebook.

And … I’m only going to write this once. I can’t think of one “gay” person that I hate. Jesus tells me that I must love my enemies. I do that … by writing and thinking truthfully. Homosexuals pervert this by making all arguments against their ideology into personal animus.

Grow up.

In the spirit of this introduction I want to draw your attention to an especially interesting article and video recently published on the website of MassResistance, an organization that is listed on the inaccurately named Southern Poverty Law Center’s list of hate groups.

The article features an educator named Robert Oscar Lopez. He abandoned the “gay” lifestyle years ago. He thoughtfully blogs about the issue.

MassResistance is now featuring him in a series of videos. This article is the fourth in that series. The article highlights and introduces the video.

No thoughtful person is going to outright reject the ideas presented by Professor Lopez. A person exposes their political prejudice by not engaging the content of this material. Resorting to hatecalling isn’t helpful.

I am saddened that even the Southern Baptist Church is now being drawn into the perverse intellectualizing related to the dishonest political campaigning of the noxious Left. Figures like Tim Keller and Albert Mohler are theologizing the confusion.

They need to stop it.

Christianity is clear about marriage and sexuality. Our leadership must be equally clear. How about they invest their significant intellectual powers in stigmatizing this vile sin instead of rationalizing it.

Gaining more worldly power isn’t worth it.

Not for Christians.


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