Men are a dying breed in the West.  The masculine virtues are resurrecting in Russia along with Christianity.  Women rule U.S.

We are so infantile … even compared to who we were just 50 years ago.

I watched this speech by Dwight Eisenhower last night.  It’s just 15 minutes long.  Check it out.  I could actually like the nation he is describing.

Breathe the rancid air of Trump now that you’ve taken on some oxygen from our past.  I like Trump because he isn’t Billary.  Trump, however, is no Eisenhower, that’s for sure.

Eisenhower’s generation was able to laugh at Barney Fife.  Entertainment was a diversion.  It wasn’t reality.  We’ve made entertainment into reality and lost the capacity as a people to appreciate Mayberry.


Why are cops not peace officers anymore?  What happened to a cop in uniform whistling his way to the fishing hole with his son?  Why are the police  forced to be soldiers?

What is happening to my country?

When did the white male become pure evil?  How did that happen?  Who let it happen?

I think black lives matter.  I just don’t think it should be a slogan.  I really do think all lives matter.  I think all people matter.  All nations matter.  Jesus said that we should preach the gospel to every nation.  We’ve turned the great commission into the individuals commission.  All that matters is that you get saved, and that you live your best life now instead of in heaven.

I mentioned Russia in the opener to this email.  Bishop Fulton Sheen predicted in the 1950s that Russia would save the world.  He foretold the collapse of blood-thirsty atheist communism and the resurrection of Christianity in Russia.

It is illegal to promote sodomy to children in Russia.  We use taxpayer dollars and the office of teacher to promote it to our children … in kindergarten.

Are we sick or what?

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