In 1912 G.K. Chesterton wrote, “I would rather a boy learnt in the roughest school the courage to hit a politician, or gained in the hardest school the learning to refute him – rather than that he should gain in the most enlightened school the cunning to copy him.”

Digital tech is making all of us shallow, or to borrow Chesterton’s word — enlightened.

The reduction of our humanity to politics at the expense of reason is ending.  It is both impossible, and only possible, to learn this on the internet.  That’s because the internet is the battle space of World War III.  The world’s most powerful politicians have opened the curtain on the final act of their attempt to make digital technology their control mechanism.

Humanity is pushing back.

We dare not, however, join the cabal of Guild Prophets on the internet.  I listen to them using my laptop and phone.  While they boldly go where no man has gone before in their own minds, because they are willing to publicly discuss religion, their passion for clicks may be the real reason for their bravado.

I first heard the designation “Guild Prophet” recently from the lips of Dr. E. Michael Jones.  He was explaining the rise and multiple falls of an internet creator named Michael Voris.  A quick internet search took me to the Jewish Bible where the phrase appears in an Old Testament passage associated with the prophet Elisha.

The homosexual Voris fancied himself a member of Christianity’s contemporary prophetic guild.  Turned out that he is more politician than prophet.

Aren’t we all.

Modern Western life is all about existing on the inside of some politically acceptable group.  All the political labels are irrelevant.  What matters is being taken seriously by a bunch of politically aligned people and groups.

There’s no quicker way to achieve this “success” than on the internet, the home of our modern religious META-narrative.  Fakebook anyone?

People are terrified of NOT sheltering in place, boring into their own separated minds imagining themselves enlightened because they have hundreds of online “Friends.”  This life of constant distraction while alone is bringing on the collapse of all of our mediating cultural institutions.  All that’s left is politics and the internet because the government is the only institution left standing.

It is long past time for the good people of Maine and America to suffer.  Whether we like it or not we are all now students in Chesterton’s roughest and hardest school.  The cunning Tucker learned in Western enlightened schools just met Putin’s gain in learning from Russia’s seventy years under satanic atheistic communism.

Tens of millions of Americans watched the interview.

They’ll never forget what they saw and heard.

We’re learning.


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