I was real pleased to see that Maine’s Governor Paul LePage vetoed the stupid law that our idiot legislators passed banning counseling for confused Mainers.  The “gay” lobby has worked overtime throughout America the past few years to embolden the American government in its war against Christianity. They think it would be just peachy if nobody in the world was allowed to help people be the person God and biology made them to be.

I cannot believe that Maine’s legislature wasted tens of thousands of tax dollars debating AND PASSING such nonsense.

As leader of the Christian Civic League of Maine I was not a loyal Republican.  I was a loyal Christian … especially when it came to FIGHTING this nonsense.  God moved me on to this platform, and for reasons beyond my understanding allowed the League to shift Republican.

Regardless, this shift made LePage Governor for eight years.  And it will give Moody eight years in the Blaine House.

The Left is collapsing.

Unfortunately American “conservatism” isn’t much better.

But as I said in the headline, God works in unexpected ways.


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