The Supreme Court nomination process isn’t that big a deal.  Most people don’t care about politics or news.  FoxNews is the most watched cable news channel.  There are over three hundred million people in America.  FoxNews gets just over a million viewers a day.

More people watched them during the recent full day hearing on the Kavanaugh nomination.  But only twenty million watched that debacle.  Rush Limbaugh gets ten million listeners a day.

The numbers are as high as they are with the Kavanaugh hearing because of sex.  We are drawn to sex because it is a powerful influence in everybody’s life.

Stephen Baskerville thinks deeply about this.  And he writes about it.  His most recent book is “The New Politics of Sex:  The Sexual Revolution, Civil Liberties, and the Growth of Governmental Power.”  The description of the book begins, “What Newsweek calls ‘the politics of sex’ is a force far greater than campaigns to recognize same-sex marriage, liberalize abortion, or admit women and homosexuals to military combat. These debates represent only the tip of a much larger trend, the full dimensions and implications of which we are only now beginning to comprehend.”

The activities of politicians and supreme court judges mean nothing to most people.  The process has become so corrupt and arcane that the average person just tries to avoid all of it … unless it’s about sex.  Like iron filings to a magnet our attention is drawn by this powerful force of nature — sex.  The Left has turned sex into a tool of control.  They use it to increase their power over masses of people all over the world.

That is why they used Christine Blasey Ford and accusations of sexual misconduct from two other women at the last minute of the Kavanaugh nomination hearing.  The Left knew they couldn’t derail Trump’s second pick for the court without manufacturing outrage.  They timed the “revelations” to focus the pussy hat brigade’s outrage at just the right moment.

The feminist moment, however, is passing.  More and more people wake up every day to how they are being manipulated by all of the institutions of the West.  The relatively small cabal of satanically rich people in the world are facing a challenge that may defeat their selfish agenda.  It is still early in what many are calling an information war.  For the first time in my life I’m sensing that the balance of power is shifting away from these profoundly wicked individuals and families.

The cornerstone of the wall that protects the power of these oligarchs has been removed.  Ironically, they are the ones who have initiated the collapse.  Their censorship gambit isn’t going to work.  Their wall of protection is collapsing.

As we ride through the breach we discover the delicious irony of the sexual deviant Tim Cook proclaiming that Alex Jones “sucks.”




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