Why Zelensky has to persecute Christians. It would be stupid for him not to. – Russian Faith (russian-faith.com)

I’m so sick of hearing about Ukraine.  I NEVER believed anything I saw in the media about us prevailing over Russia.  Since 2014 I knew that Putin was the good guy on this one.  It saddens me to say it but this atrocity is evidence of America having been the evil empire even when Reagan was claiming that the Soviet Union was truly evil.

We are nothing more than a gay disco now.  Our bombing of Gaza is all the evidence you need of how far we have fallen from our philosophical roots in European Christendom.  There is nothing Just about the way we wage war.  And it has been that way since at least the Civil War.

We are evil.  Face the truth.  Admit it.  And see our political class, and your complicity, for what they are.




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