As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you; and you will be comforted over Jerusalem. — Isaiah 66:13

Okay. I just returned from Louisville, Kentucky where I met the blood queen. An attractive blonde white woman who looked to be in her late thirties or early forties proudly pranced among us. She snapped pictures with her phone and kept police informed about our dastardly work. I was there to save babies lives. Twenty two babies were slaughtered by the blood queen while I was there.

The blood queen owned the slaughter house. If this sounds like a cartoon … well … it felt like one. It was surreal.

My senses and mind were overwhelmed for three hours. How do you think properly about a scene where an equal number of adults face off “peaceably” over
whether or not it is right to murder an innocent baby? It makes no more sense than the student reaction to gun control advocates efforts in Colorado. Students marched out of a political gun control rally chanting “mental health.”

Say what? Mental health?! Really students? The West really has lost it’s ability to think … to reason.

The evidence is quite literally everywhere you look. And I do mean EVERYWHERE. Reason is fallen in the street because True Religion has burned to the ground. Notre Dame in France is owned by the government. The Roman Catholics lost ownership after the French REVOLUTION. The American revolution spawned the anti-Logos (Jesus … John 1:1) movement that has left us bereft of imagination and worship.

Europe and America — the West — must look east for their salvation. If the Russian Orthodox Church can survive Stalin, and now thrive — then there is hope for U.S. Could we please … pastors, priests, journalists and politicians … work now to avoid the bloodshed and REAL (not virtual) gulag that emerged in the ferociously atheist Soviet Union? Please.

I know I’m just one grandfather of six. I beg you. Please stop using politics to distract us from the truths all around us. I know all you guys want power to force “peace” on the globe. Can you please admit it isn’t working? Can all of us have our lives, families, neighborhoods, churches and nations back … please?

Maybe something can emerge that is more stable and less prone to war/conflict than the nation/state model that emerged in the West centuries ago. If something does emerge I can guarantee that it isn’t going to come from this Orwellian googlyfakebookpornsmartphoneamazonization of everything.

We’re all tired. I believe God, as the verse suggests above, would like to comfort us. To receive his comfort we’re all going to have to turn to Him. We’re going to have to stop perpetual political infighting everywhere and at all times and turn to Him. Ready … set … GO!

Try repentance. It works better than sex.



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