I’ve always been annoyed by the manipulation on the internet.  If I post a link to a video in a post I write I don’t want to KNOW that it is only a matter of time before it gets deleted AGAINST THE WISHES OF THE LINK CREATOR.

I feel that way about two videos just posted by Amazing Polly.  I’m only going to link to her website.  The two helpful videos are posted on Rumble.  In one of the videos she called them out for their questionable ties.  I can’t imagine her videos remaining on that platform much longer.  I’m hoping she will soon develop the resources to make her videos available on her website.  That way she will have maximum control over their continued availability.

I’m pretty sure I discovered Polly way back in the wild wild west free speech days of YouTube.  She was doing a great job questioning the narrative gatekeepers years ago.  I appreciated her use of the technology to present her arguments.  She shows the receipts in her work.  She does that in the two thirty minute or so videos that you will find if you click thru to her website.

Here are the titles of the videos so that you can, God willing, find them after they are deleted from Rumble.

  • TWC Red Flags – The Expanding Narrative Network
  • Goliath Has Big Plans for Social Media and World Domination

Here’s a YouTube that is allowed to persist there for some reason.  It gives more of the back story on a man who is prominently mentioned in Polly’s videos.  His name is Eric Prince.  I’m pretty sure his father is the Derek Prince so prominently featured in this documentary.  Keep reading below the video.

I have personal experience with Amway.  My parents got involved and I ended up attending some of Prince’s arena size events during my teen years.  Additionally, my political and ministry career intersects at too many points to list with this ideological movement.

Using her questioning style and slide presentations Amazing Polly helps pull the veil back on their current power play.

So sad that so many will remain duped, not having access to these facts.



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