I remember from my childhood a movie about body snatchers.  I think the idea was that aliens came to earth and snatched people’s bodies.  The aliens had a way of stealing your body.

The West is allowing it’s body to be snatched.

Satan is the alien who is doing the snatching.  And he is busy everywhere, even in Mayberry USA.  While they haven’t hung the rainbow flag out front yet they are advertising “gay” marriage.  This is on the website for the downtown Anglican church.

It is buried on a website, but it is there.  They can’t openly and aggressively celebrate sodomy like they do in New England here yet.  I guarantee it is coming.  Evil just can’t hold back.  It never stops in it’s death march.  It will destroy everything unless God’s Holy Spirit intervenes.

It is sad because the church building  itself is so quaint, innocent looking and wonderful.


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