Milo Yiannopolis is a conservative.  He started his “conservative” career bragging about his homosexual passions.  He was, in fact, quite proud of it while supporting some cornservative politicians and ideas.

A few close friends in the pro family movement have mentioned interviewing him in recent months.  He is now helping men and women leave that lifestyle.

Church Militant, a Catholic apostolate dedicated to boldly confronting that issue within the Church, published an interesting column authored by Milo recently.

The former apostle of all things “gay” writes truthfully from the inside of the political, religious and cultural power structure, “It seems to me only a matter of time before the tools ‘globohomo’ has created fall into the wrong hands. Our hands.”

He is peering through boomer instincts, lifestyles and sensibilities and finding something good that doesn’t include a rapture or mark of the beast.  The second coming of Jesus Christ is not his way out of this “tribulation” that started with the covid cult launch of their “new world order” a couple years ago.

Milo sees sensible people ending up controlling the power structures and tools created by the Left.

I hope he is right.  If he is then American ideals and activism will play an important role in this victory for common sense and decency.


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